Which gutless fag or fag hag got Tristan Stadtmuller restricted on Twitter?

We all know Donny Long can’t keep a Twitter account active because he has two forces working against him: The pussies who get offended by what he is posting and who just have it out for him for things he did in the past and Twitter themselves who are pro gay/anti-free speech. Now Tristan Stadtmuller has been restricted as a result of these bored losers but he didn’t post anything controversial that should have made this happen.

What we have here are the obvious culprits: Monica Foster who has 24 hours a day to sit around and report accounts to try to get them taken down (Only to have someone be able to register another free account in about 2 minutes) and other unsavory characters from PWL or cwians.com or wherever who are butt hurt for whatever reason. Stadtmuller’s restriction comes on the heels of the judgement against Foster for a cool $166,600 – which she played off and then celebrated for being a poor, destitute loser that can’t be collected from. Once again, we recommend GAB which is smaller but where you will not be silenced by the left.


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