Who is threatening Donny Long?

Since PWL 1.0 was “taken down” and Donny Long was “sent into hiding” (Partying and laying Asian girls while traveling the world), the lives of Porn Wiki Leaks‘ foes have gone in the shitter. Mike South recently lost his blog and some time ago blacked out on his motor scooter and did a face plant onto the pavement, sending him to the hospital, Christianx has been reduced to doing gay porn in 3rd world countries while risking HIV and other diseases, Monica Foster‘s legal troubles and fees continue to mount and she may soon lose her sites and be fined half a million dollars, Mark Spiegler has had many health scares over the years being fat, sloppy and unhealthy, Mercedes Ashley lost her left tit to cancer and Sean Tompkins has gone full “Mountain man” and must live in seclusion in  the mountains to avoid getting pummeled or served with court orders. Donny Long seems to be humming right along. So which one of the above turds is making threats or ordering threats at Donny Long, who just sits back and pot shots this motley crew while laughing and continuing to get laid and paid?

Seems that none of the above outside of Christian have passports and seeing that meeting up with Donny doesn’t involve money, “Wianstein” wouldn’t ever be interested in hunting him down. Seems like the only thing that may get to Donny are the Marlboro Reds he enjoys on a daily basis as he is simply too mobile and savvy to be tracked down and harmed by these big mouths.

As long as Mr. Long quits this filthy habit, he will outlive everyone mentioned in this article and will continue clowning them while being paid to get laid. Meanwhile, the sex drives of the above mentioned will continue to plummet with Christianx already unable to achieve an erection without Kamagra and Mark hasn’t seen his penis in at least a decade. Monica is completely celibate.



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