Who owns Mike South’s site libeling the industry? NEW officialmikesouth.com almost done! Its live check it out

So someone has bought Mike Souths piece of shit stalker blog and has kept it live full of libel and lies about thousands of people in the industry. We are dying to find out who this person or company is so we can go after them and everyone around them. We all know the story of the person suing South and that person claims he knows nothing about it or who bought it and claims he is still suing South and that the case is still open. Time will tell I guess! Maybe someone can lookup the case?

Anyways to make good on our promise that if the domain was not forwarded to alexandramelodymayers.com by end of last week we would copy the site and make a better version with open no moderation posting, here it is mike south the site is not done and retro guy and My Balls Are Blue will be working on fully restoring the site and getting posting available for the public soon. Maybe by tomorrow but for now check it out. CANT WAIT TO FIND OUT WHO IS BEHIND MIKE’S BOUGHT DOMAIN AND BRING DOWN HELL ON THERE HEAD. http://www.officialmikesouth.com


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