Who The Fuck Does Monica Foster Alexandra Mayers Think She Is?

You don’t get to decide fashion trends and you don’t get to demand that men change their grooming habits for you. Who the fuck do you think you are? Men will wear beards if they feel like it. Too much hair, not enough hair, this broad is a fucken pain in the ass to listen to. It’s never enough. You DON’T have a boyfriend and until you do, you will not make demands on what men decide to wear. Now everyone should now know why Matthew Holder left this bitch. She was probably up his ass all the time about what he was wearing, how she wants his facial and head hair to look, that shit gets old. The funny thing is, her fashion sense is shit. Her hair, makeup and clothes are straight from The Salvation Army.


Who the fuck does she think she is, Satin Bloom? Satin Bloom is a PROFESSIONAL make up artist that is qualified to give advice on these matters while Monica Foster probably got lessons on how to apply makeup from her homosexual dad. She always looks like shit but in fairness, there is only so much makeup can do.

Monica Foster

Who the fuck would take fashion advice from the creature above? It looks like she’s just trying to get people to look as ugly as possible the older and uglier she gets herself. It’s the same as trying to ruin everyone because she is getting old and her life continues to get worse each year. GET A FUCKING LIFE!



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