Whois IVAN MAYERS aka Monica Foster aka Alexandra Melody Mayers father? A Gay Child rapist thats who!

Ivan Mayer aka http://www.ivanmayers.com/ is a homosexual gay child rapist that was in the closet most of his life

and got married to Joan Rucker Mayers aka http://www.joanruckermayers.com

and had two daughters by the names of Alexandra Melody Mayers aka http://www.alexandramelodymayers.com

Monica Foster
Rsz 13 b.jpgMonica-foster-alexandra-melody-mayers-ID-info-exposed-2-777x437.jpgMonica-foster-alexandra-melody-mayers-ID-info-exposed.jpg

a convicted child rapist pedophile and failed porn whore and failed craigslist hooker and stalker and libeler and just a all out piece of shit failed at everything in life bitter hooker that couldnt even lay on her back properly and failed at that, and Victora Mayers aka http://pornwikileaks.com/wiki/Victoria_Mayers

a convicted drunk that had her kids taken away from her for child abuse. Much more to come Monica so keep popping off! :]

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