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Why Are So Many Female Teachers Having Sex with Their Students?

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from – As school years go, this one has been riddled with sex scandal.

But it’s not droves of male teachers who are being arrested and charged for having sex with their under-age students – it’s females.And as yet another young, female teacher is this week arrested for allegedly having sex with her 16-year-old student, the MailOnline asks: what’s happened to America’s female teachers?

The article inspired by the recent arrest of Illinois teacher Nicole Letcher who has been charged with 6 counts of sex abuse with a 16 year old prefaces these women as being predatory.

Leading child psychologist, Dr Michael Oberschneider, of Ashburn Psychological Services, puts the increase of cases down to the blurring of boundaries between teachers and their students.But he also has something to say about the potential influence of TV shows like Cougar Town and films which seem to celebrate the so-called ‘Mrs Robinson’ effect.’As a nation we are over sexulising things,’ he told MailOnline. ‘Our prime time shows are becoming very graphic, we have TV shows that encourage ‘cougars’ – they’re saying isn’t it a wonderful idea for older women?

Are we to really believe it is the effect of these shows that women are now succumbing to the temptations of young men entering adulthood? Can one wonder if instead it’s a situation that these female teachers by virtue of spending so much time with these students build a nurturing sensibility towards them? Or could we even wonder the appeal of being in a position of authority that really appeals to these women and on some level unlike what most women may experience in the real world when it comes to dating, getting involved with a younger man invigorates a woman’s sense of self worth, her power and perversely her femininity?

And how do the young men, the subject of these women’s affections see it?

Dr Oberschneider, who sees both teenagers who have been sexually abused and the adults who sexually abuse, said having sex with older women, especially women in a position of power is a badge of honour for some boys and their peers.

But perhaps more disturbing is the attitudes of some parents to what should be a harrowing ordeal for their child.

‘I’ve had teenage boys in my office talking about being with older women and their parents are laughing,’ Dr Oberschneider said.

‘The father is almost saying “atta boy”. ‘There is a certain mystique around the older woman in our society,’ he added. ‘If it was a man (who is abusing) in our society we are harsher, but when it’s a woman we kind of wonder about it.

‘It’s still a horrible thing, but I think there is also a little bit of unconscious permission (in society). It seems to be not quite as bad when an older woman does something with a younger boy’

Atta boy? So on one hand our society encourages young men to aspire to older women, especially those much older than them, typically while they are still teens while our society on the other hand has a hard time dealing when it comes to a woman showing sexual curiosity towards younger men. Although one has to wonder the type of curiosity being displayed when the female teacher is coming at the young men from a position of authority, as a role model? Is it in fact the potential crossing of these role models that perversely inspires both the female teacher and young man?

But then there’s the issue that in fact the blurring of what used to be seen as traditional boundaries has emboldened female teachers to go where they may have not recently dared tread?

Social networking sites like Facebook and Myspace are also having an influence, according to Dr Oberschneider.

‘I have head teachers in my practice who are friends with their students on Facebook and they don’t see anything wrong with it,’ he said. ‘It’s a blurring of boundaries but your teacher is not your friend. We need to get the boundaries back.

But perhaps the strongest clue as to why female teachers do cross these boundaries is offered in the following:

In his experience most teachers who have been caught abusing their students have psychological issues:

‘Nine times out of 10 there is something psychological going on with the adult,’ he said. ‘Certain people with emotional difficulties are going to be attracted to teaching where they can act out their pathology.’

Which is to say, there must be a desire for females to circumvent the subservient roles that many men in society usurp on women, but unfortunately going to the classroom where she is by default in a position of power and authority in the long run a one way ticket to heart ache.

Or perhaps as one Dailymail commentator offered: Women are being held more accountable for their sexual misdeeds than in the past.



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