Why do the Mayers sisters think they can sing?

Both Victoria Mayers and Alexandra Mayers have tried their hand at music and both are terrible. Victoria at least had the balls to get in front of Simon Cowell and the whole nation but her gutless sister puts out seemingly parody type singles and pushes them hard over social media but wants no critique at all. Sorry honey, life and business don’t work that way.

Victoria Mayers and Alexandra Mayers give head to a white man.

Monica Foster is just terrible. She can’t sing, if you call what she is doing on her latest track singing and she will be hard pressed to make a hundred bucks off this shit.

You clowns are tone deaf and your dad is the most rhythmless black man in history. Your mother is an uptight school teacher. You have less soul than the average white person. Don’t dance, don’t sing, don’t try to “Get freaky” on web cam because other black models run circles around you. Just go away. Hard to believe that you’re good at anything.


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