Why does Monica Foster want help from cops?

Why should police help Alexandra Mayers/Monica Foster when she supports a cop hater like Obama and violent property damaging thugs that throw fits when they don’t get what they want? Any police that come in contact with this bitter old maid should tell her to go pound sand. Does she even pay taxes that pay for their services? Police should absolutely never help her in any way, shape or form.

Leave the police alone and solve your own problems. That means leaving people alone, not stalking and harassing and libeling them. She threatened to quit social media for the 3,789,654th time today so just leave. Why talk about it? Close your accounts and move on with your life. You will never leave and you know it. You have nothing in your life except Twitter, Soundcloud, Streamate, your web sites and whatever other platforms you use to stalk, harass and bully people that disagree with your uber liberal stance on everything.

She has now gotten into a feud with someone else and surprise, surprise, she has accused them of sex trafficking. No proof. This woman is absolutely vile and disgusting. Whenever she feuds with someone she loses and then she tries to get back at them by accusing them of the most heinous things available – which is racism, pedophilia and sex trafficking. She does this with zero proof to back it up. She’s not Christian, quite the opposite and she is possibly the most evil person to ever be involved in porn. She’s a stalker and she does not have the well being of any kids in mind. This is a sick woman that has no contact with her own nephew. She performs web cam naked shows for anyone of any age through independent sources like Skype or Yahoo.

The truth is that Monica Foster will likely lose her web sites and social media platforms in March when she goes up against Judge Rob Bare and The Marc Randazza Legal Group in court. She’s just leaving now so she can save face and not be abruptly kicked off after she loses in court. Good riddance to bad rubbish.



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