Why does this site flatter Sean Tompkins?

Personally, I don’t care about Sean Tompkins and don’t think he’s worth the bother. One thing I don’t understand though is why this site continually posts a 15 year old photo of this douche, complete with the goofy look all over his face and a full head of hair? This guy is bald and has been for some time. You will mostly see him with a hat on to cover his bald head but he made the mistake of removing that hat in one picture to show that his hairline is basically gone. This site should use the updated (Now one year old) photo in future articles. Also on a humorous note, there is no way Monica Foster is “in love with” this clown as she has made it known many times that she isn’t attracted to men if they don’t have the same hairline as an adult that they did when they were 12 years old. Nice try though.


sean-matthew-tompkins-porn-fanboi-476x198 admin-ajax.php

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  1. I sure loved the picture of better days. Sean used to watch me smoke my fag juice (Crystal) and then fuck me in the ass with a big 12″inch dildo.
    That is why the call me Uncle Peg.
    Hi Donny. I love you. Whitey.

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