Why Is Monica Foster Alexandra Mayers OBSESSED With Incest? Could She Have….?

Our new President Elect, Donald Trump, will continue to be verbally assaulted over the next 8 years by a vile black hooker that is obsessed with rape, incest, homosexuality and prostitution – At least three of those four things hit very close to home for her as she claims to have been a victim of rape, she is a prostitute and homosexuality runs in her family. But what about incest? What is it about this that fascinates her? She is now claiming incest between Mr. Trump and one of his daughters. There is no merit behind these claims. Just pure and utter libel. Alexandra Mayers porn name Monica Foster is a very, very sick woman but could this be a sore subject for her because she “had her way” with a family member or wants to?  We just wonder…

Monica Foster

Ms. Mayers is no schoolgirl having appeared in some 30 pornographic videos and posing for thousands of pornographic photographs in addition to performing sex acts on web cam for thousands of strange men. She can’t seem to get enough sex, public sex in front of strangers in particular. You know what Howard Stern has always said about female porn performers – They must have been victims of some type of abuse growing up.

Perhaps Alexandra lusts after young people. After all, she is obsessed with youth and low hairlines even as most of the men in her age bracket will have lost some hair by that age. Based on her comments over the years and the photos of young men that she posts, we have estimated that her ideal “man” is between the ages of 16-24.

We urge everyone to keep a close eye on this woman and report anything that may appear to be illegal or unusual behavior. She is walking on a thin line now and must be watched closely for the safety of young people everywhere.

We would like to remind everyone that as a political figure, we are now allowed to say whatever we want about Ms. Mayers just as she does to other political figures. So if she doesn’t like this blog, she can drop out of the 2024 race right now and remove herself from social media. Until that time….


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  1. It’s hilarious that she uses a photo on that Twitter account that was used on on of her wikis @ PWL over FIVE years ago, closer to six. The photo had probably been around for awhile at that time so it could be seven or eight years old. It’s a glamour head shot and she looks nothing like that now. Does she plan to use that tired old photo EIGHT years from now during her failed campaign? Classic shit.

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