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Wicked Pictures Prove Safe Can Be Sexy

Nightmoves had an awards show last weekend. This is considered to be a big deal. People flew in to be a part of it.

You guys are gonna love this.

Guess who the best ethnic performer was? Asa Akira. Wow! Asa Akira. And you know what’s funny? Fan choice. Which means fans voted her in. Remember guys, she’s condom now and with Wicked.

But it gets better. You wanna know why it gets better?

Best director non-parody. That means a real movie. Fan choice. Brad Armstrong with Wicked.

That means the fans, according to Nightmoves, the FANS chose Brad Armstrong. Wicked Pictures. Rubber movies.

OK I’ll keep going. It gets better.

Holy shit. Best production company. Fan choice. Wicked Pictures. Wow!

Best production company fan voted Wicked Pictures and it’s a condom company. How does anybody explain that?

When an entire industry holds on to this concept that condoms don’t sell, and you have award show after award show giving Wicked Pictures awards and Nightmoves has fans vote Wicked Pictures as best production company, it kinda tells you something. When you have people walking around convinced that condoms don’t sell, and fans vote a condom company as their favorite, what does that tell you?

I didn’t see Evil Angel as best production company. Dana Vespoli won the editor’s choice award, which means Nightmoves gave that to her. But the fans voted for Brad Armstrong. Brad Armstrong who has worked for a condom company for over a decade has amassed a body of work that fans all over the world resoundingly say we love Brad Armstrong movies.

Would some explain this to me? How fans love Wicked Pictures, Brad Armstrong, Asa Akira and they use rubbers? How these movies don’t sell?

You know what? If our business would just sit back and say, This is our declaration of honesty. Our business is not dumb. Check. We do feel if people wore condoms it would stop the spread of disease. Yes, 100%. But we here in the adult business and in particular the huge section of gonzo porn do not use condoms and if they had to use condoms it would change the whole fabric of their movie and the people that own those companies are the people who control the business. So we can’t go condoms because that would fuck up their entire business.

So we’re very sorry that we lied. We understand that what we do is dangerous and Evil Angel and Jules Jordan are based on flying cum and anal, they have no creativity to do anything else and those people represent a huge part of the underground raincoat vibe market. So we just have to hope for the best. That’s it. Just be honest.

Don’t try to tow the company line of this safe company industry bullshit. We all know that the risks of any of the nasty diseases out there are lessened in you wear a condom. That’s it. Plain and simple. For us to debate that is futile. For us to debate the fact that if you test on August 1st and you shoot on August 10 you have no idea what the other person did during those nine days. It’s ridiculous. We agree with that? Cool.

We agree that condoms would destroy companies with no creativity like Evil Angel. We agree that condoms would eliminate most of the risk of getting a disease. We agree with all of that. But what are we gonna do?

If we don’t agree with preventative care, we must agree with aftercare. You must provide a safety net that would protect them if they got sick. Like the NFL. In our business people just disappear or are forgotten about and left on their own.

You have people who talk about the risks associated with football and try to compare them with us and it doesn’t fly and let me explain why. The NFL is actually instituting more rules because players are getting injured and they are getting sued.They are taking away certain tackles. That’s like saying to us no more anal. Can you imagine the uproar? We can’t even talk about condoms without anarchy.

NFL players have a union and they make millions and here’s the best part. When they are through playing they get a pension plan. You have people in our business dealing with no money and risking their life. Doesn’t that seem a little ludicrous to you guys?

The business wants to gave no restrictions, no regulations. Nothing. A free for all fuckpot. Whatever happens, happens. And when the keyboard warriors try to defend Diane Duke and use weak arguments like NFL analogies and comparisons of risks like race car driving they sound fucking stupid.

People like to ask me, hey you’ve been doing this for six months, what have you done? In six months I have exposed all the powers that be as fucking lying thieves. In six months I have shown that you can’t debate safety of condoms over testing without sounding like a fucking idiot. What have I done? I can give you a list from getting Cameron Bay treatment on down. My question is, what have YOU done? Because all of you, for six months, have been armed with all of this information and you’ve done nothing.

All of you people who really do care about these issues hide behind keyboards and hide behind Twitter, you’ve all done nothing. I’ve done more in six months than all of you people put together and it takes losers like Bill Margold 30 years and they still can’t do it. People like him like to begrudge everything I’ve done because they are unable to accomplish anything or influence anybody.

The Nightmoves fans have shown that condoms don’t matter to them. A good movie is a good movie, condom or no. If our industry can admit to itself that it needs to change and protect its workers, there may be hope for us yet.

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