Will 2017 be a good year for Monica Foster?

For the past decade, Monica Foster has documented her life online for all to see and no one important ever finds out about it. Foster had this idiotic belief that she could move to California and become a success in Hollywood and porn, despite her being a long time failure in webcamming.

Side note for Foster, a lot of women on webcam make about $200/15 minutes. Foster has always struggled to make a lousy $100.

What will 2017 bring for Foster? Nothing more but more misery! No attractive man will want her, she’ll continue to refuse to get a job and go to school, she’ll lose her trial to Randazza and Donny Long will buy her websites, no one important will pay her any attention, the Clintons & the Obamas & Isadore Hall will continue to ignore her, more of her supporters will turn on her,

Foster’s life will never get better! She won’t kill herself despite all of her worthless threats and it’s because she knows that it’ll make so many people happy! Foster will continue with her BS trying to get someone angry enough to come after her and kill her. Sorry Fostard, no one will risk losing everything that they have in life for a psycho who has nothing and will never amount to anything.


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  1. I want to know more about her Tweets where she says “I can’t stop laughing” and “I’m having a wonderful week my peeps” and “2017 will be an amazing year!” She never elaborates. She just posts this to to try to piss her haters off. She should start snapping pics of her wonderful life or I call bullshit on her little charade.

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