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Will Paris Sleep with the Fishes?

Miami- A feud between Victoria Gotti and Paris Hilton would be good enough. But when you toss in Lizzie Grubman as the peacemaker, you know you’re in tabloid heaven.

The battle of the blonds broke out the other day in Miami when Victoria brought her “Growing Up Gotti” sons Carmine, 18, John, 17, and Frankie, 14, to the nightclub Mansion – specifically to meet their fellow reality TV star Paris.

“Carmine has had the biggest crush on Paris,” Victoria explains to us.

Shortly after arriving, the daughter of departed Teflon Don John Gotti sent over a beefy security guard to inform the hotel heiress that they would like the pleasure of her company.

“Who the [bleep] are the Gottis?” a high-spirited Paris is said to have snapped.

Told that Paris didn’t want to see him, Carmine was crestfallen.

His mother was furious.

“I’ve helped that girl,” says Victoria, a Star magazine columnist. “She came to me after her sex-tape scandal and I did a story where she got to defend herself.

“Remember? ‘Paris: I’m Not a Tramp!’

“For her to say she doesn’t know me or my boys is ridiculous. And if she wants to say you don’t know me, then at least be polite.”

Enter mutual friend Lizzie, the PR princess who knows something about embarrassing headlines and who also has a reality-show deal.

Told by Victoria what happened, she talked to Paris, who – perhaps mindful that angering a Gotti can be hazardous to your health – tried to make nice.

“I don’t think Paris meant to be rude,” Lizzie tells us. “It was a misunderstanding in a loud nightclub. The next day, I was with Frankie [Gotti], and we saw Paris. She couldn’t have been nicer. But Frankie didn’t want to talk with her, out of loyalty to his brother.”

Victoria she has no interest in Hilton’s belated sweetness.

“As far as I’m concerned, when I see her next time, it’s going to be, ‘Paris who?'”



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