Will The Guys On “Men In Adult” Panel At The AVN Show Be Asked Any Pertinent Questions?

I just got sent an article that went up on AVN on Friday. Don’t know how I missed this one. This could be good.

It’s entitled “Jacky St. James to Moderate Panel on Men in Adult at AVN Show.”

“At next week’s AVN Adult Entertainment Expo, taking place January 15-18 in Las Vegas, it’s to be expected that the exhibit halls will be filled to the rafters with female performers, from brand-new models to established stars.”

“But there will also be a healthy contingent of top male talent attending the show, and many fans will be there to meet them. Those who want to find out more about what it’s like for men working in the biz are invited to attend a panel that will take place Thursday, January 16 from 12:15 to 1:15 p.m. at the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo.”

“The days of glorifying only female performers has become a thing of the past. Now, more than ever, male porn stars are garnering the recognition and attention that’s long evaded them. In the last few years there has been an influx of websites, Facebook pages and Twitter handles built around male porn star fandom. Moderated by New Sensations director/screenwriter Jacky St. James, this panel will explore that new reality.”

“From sexy newcomers to veteran talent, fans and industry insiders will have an opportunity to find out exactly what it takes to be a man working in front of the camera in adult. Whether you’re a Deenager, Xphile or someone just curious about the adult industry from a male performer’s perspective, this is one panel you won’t want to miss!”

Now, I take it a “Deenager” is what they call James Deen’s fans? That means they’re teenagers? Or children? Awesome. Kids watching porn. That’s always good. But what do you expect from a business that associates with pedophiles like Kurt Treptow?

I take it Xphile is Xander? Is he gonna teach you have to have a bloody, carved up dick and stick it in a girl’s mouth? Is that what Xander’s gonna do? I got it.

“The following performers are slated to appear: Xander Corvus, Seth Gamble, Ryan Driller, Tyler Nixon, Mark Wood, Alec Knight, Shane Diesel, Brendon Miller and Michael Vegas.”

Now, you know I love Jacky St. James. But you know Jacky’s not gonna ask any real questions. This is gonna be an hour of these guys just jerking each other off. Literally. You got three of them that are crossovers.

This is like a joke. Seriously. What do you ask Ryan Driller?

Here’s the thing. It’s kinda like a Catch 22. Our business wants to be treated like the legitimate Hollywood film business. Everybody wants to be treated with respect. Everybody has this sense of self importance.

Everybody in Hollywood has a past. And everybody wants to know about that past. That’s part of the game.

Actors like Matthew McConaughey will make references to their past in speeches like the one he gave at the Golden Globes and Leonardo DeCaprio did as well.

Now when our business wants to proclaim it’s like Hollywood and its actors like to claim that they are as good as legitimate actors, guys like Ryan Driller and Seth Gamble don’t want to bring up their past. When you bring up their past, they shit themselves and claim it was never part of who they were.

Our industry likes to say that we are like Hollywood and we have these award shows like they do and we have this great history.

There are top performers in our industry who made gay movies. That’s how they got their start. Nobody likes to talk about it. When you bring it up, they literally shit themselves.

Ryan Driller got his start doing gay movies. He had trouble getting started in straight movies because he kept getting gay work and his agent said he had to not do any gay stuff for six months before he could work with the agency. Now when you bring this up to him, it’s like bringing up Auschwitz to an old European Jew.

Again, our industry wants to be the other Hollywood and we want all of this mainstream attention and we want the press that goes with it. Yet we don’t want to talk about the history of the people in it. They deny their past and pretend that they just started their career yesterday. I’m confused.

Ryan Driller was a huge gay star. So was Michael Vegas. Seth Gamble began his career as a gay star. That is their history.

You would think that talking on a panel, the moderator would want to talk about their history. “What’s it like to cross over from the gay side to the straight side?” I guarantee that they’re not gonna talk about that. They’re not gonna to discuss anything that would invoke any stimulating conversation. Mark my words.

“Guys, how do you feel when the industry goes through a disease outbreak and moratorium?” You’re not gonna get that either. Your’e not gonna get anything from any of these people that doesn’t amount to bullshit.

We like to claim we’re like Hollywood. No, we’re not. We are the furthest thing from Hollywood. We are nothing but a bunch of gedrools who fuck on film. That’s it.

Nobody’s gonna ask Xander Corvus, “Xander, you happen to be in one of the most controversial situations in all of adult in 2013. You got anything to say about it?”

“Uhh, no I don’t…”

“Well, you were in a scene with a girl who contracted HIV and you worked with a bloody penis in that scene. You shot a movie the day after a moratorium in Vegas for Vivid Entertainment…”

Will anybody ask about that? Absolutely not.

Nobody’s gonna ask anything of substance except, “Hey, Seth, Do you go on Twitter and talk to your fans?” I guess James Deen’s gonna say “Yeah, I talk to 14 year old girls.”


What are you gonna talk to Mark Wood about? That if it weren’t for Luciano aka Michael Stefano and Francesca Le, he wouldn’t have a career? Will anybody ask that loser that? Nope.

Is anybody gonna ask Brendon Miller, “Why are you sitting here on a porn panel and not playing drums for an awesome band like Hollywood Undead like you did before you met Stormy Daniels? Why are you sitting on a panel with a bunch of fags?”

What else?

Alec Knight is like the only legitimate performer who has been at it a long time who is a good actor, good performer, a non controversial person and is a really good artist. He did my Birds of Prey box. He’s great. That’s Alec Knight.

Other than that, I don’t know what any of these other guys have done that is interesting other than do gay movies, play in a band, marry a chick, or I dunno… What else?

They won’t get asked any real questions and it’ll be a jerkoff fest.

But it’ll get AVN some attendance so they don’t lose all of their goddamn money.

Ehh, what are you gonna do? That’s life. And that is AVN.

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