With MikeSouth.com headed for the scrap heap, what will become of lifeless South poster Matt Harris?

Matt Harris of Ludington, Michigan, screen name mharris127 has been posting long winded diatribe on Mike South’s blog comment section for years. With word that South’s site will close this week, this puts an end to prolific posting career of Mr. Harris who is said to be elderly and in very poor health. Harris himself posted recently that he does not expect to make it 10 more years.

Harris has made derogatory comments about this site and Donny Long but from the safety of South’s site. Harris can’t find his balls underneath his fat rolls and so he hasn’t been able to muster up the courage to come here and make his tough guy comments. Harris posted this parting shot to his MikeSouth.com adversaries:

I might post at ADT again. I had other things taking up some of my time and sort of drifted away from there. Also, at least you admit you are a troll. I hope you grow two feet and that your one millimeter dick grows to ten inches so you can get laid for the first time in your life (trolls are usually Bridget the Midget size and male trolls have one millimeter dicks that can’t get hard even with a truckload of Viagra). Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and everyone else reading this post.

As for me starting an industry blog, I don’t think I want to spend the cash. Doing so properly would involve me either moving to Chatsworth or taking a trip out there at least once a month. Maybe if I were hired as a film director (me being talent just isn’t an option) for an adult film producer out there (and would be there anyway) it would be reasonable for me to do but as it stands now I don’t see a reason to do so.

And with that, Harris’ porn posting career comes to a close and may we suggest he and Mike drive off a cliff together and go out in style.


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