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XPT Picks up The Jack Venice Debate; Another Male Performer Convicted of Murder and Working?

Christian this week on his site, commented about how Jack Venice worked in the adult business awaiting trial on rape charges and wondered if porn companies might have to pull those scenes now that’s convicted.

The debate continues on under the headling of What about LA Direct and Jack?

Stevie Why writes on As recently as two weeks ago LA Direct Models (who you and Jack were both repped by) still had Jack listed on their site under male models…and had his availability listed until September 27th. When I checked their site today he was not listed under the main page, but a little internet sleuthing brought his page up:


Why not ask whether LA Direct can possibly be legally linked ,considering, I imagine, they still collected a fee when they got him work?

I’m wondering if you had any insight into why they (or Derek I guess) continued to keep Jack on their roster, especially considering all the rumors that have swirled around LA Direct and some sort of FBI attention. I really doubt having an actor soon to be convicted or rape still working that recently was a good decision.

…then he adds: He [Venice] is the first male performer where his “gonzo” porn acting just way too closely reflected the real crime.

I think it was the stupidest move for companies in the last year to knowingly releases scenes with him in them. Why not wait eight months and see what happens? Is a $1500 scene that much to risk possible litigation?

I don’t even know where to start…its just a weird legal grey area with California Law, Washington Law, all sorts of weird legislation when it comes to sex offenders (which Jack is, and god knows if that becomes retroactive back to the date of the rape), all sorts of weird OSHA rules when it comes to workplace safety (knowingly employing someone accused of rape on a sex set). Its not as if Jack’s situation was some big fucking secret.

Hell, or the victim could sue anyone from LA Direct to any film released with him in the last year and argue that the companies tried to profit from his name and publicity at her expense.

I think that Jacks conviction will be the first of many dominoes to fall over this. Are companies going to try and still rehire him once he gets out of prison?

paperchase writes:If Jack had broke the law by performing in the scene itself. (Think Tracy Lords) then it would be in the companies self interest to pull the scene. Since porn companies do not generally care about public perception, as verses actual consequnces, I would bet that they would still release these scenes which they had spent good money to film.

Steve, I am having a hard time figuring out what legal claim a PW would have in order to sue to prevent a scene with Jackfrom being released.

PW: It damages my reputation.

Producer: Did you not sign the release? Did you not get paid? Did you not do this scene willingly? Did you not formally star with Ryan Knox in “Load My Mouth Near my Dumpster”?

PW: Yes.

Producer: Then how does staring in a porn movie with Jack who was later convicted of Rape, damage your reputation? It’s not like I falsely claimed you did the scene when you didn’t.

Now if Jack raped some PW on the set AFTER his arrest, the PW might be able to claim that the producer should have known that he was placing her at increased danger without her consent and that he was negligent in his hiring choices and supervision of the set. yadaa, yadaa, yadaa.

Christian writes: LA Direct had him up on the site for a few years. I think they were being loyal to a good male performer who brought Derek some of his most popular girls. Also Jack wasn’t convicted of anything at that point, so why take away the man’s right to earn a living?

I got news for you Stevie, there are plenty of performers in this business with criminal records. I know of a male performer who was in jail for murder AND assaulting his pregnant girlfriend. That’s two different sentences. And no one knows and no one says boo about it.

Paperchase responds: Porn is the only industry I know where an extensive criminal record is viewed as a plus, rather than as a disqualifier.

So what about it Christian, when are you going to pick up your first criminal case?


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