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Zupko to Shoot for Metro

Porn Valley- Sources tell me that Tom Zupko will be shooting a line for Metro.

> I spoke to Steve Volponi, former sales manager of Digital Playground. Volponi now heads up his own company, Reel Productions/Reel Interactive which is about to release its first movie in April. It’s titled Reach Out, Touch Me, Lauren Phoenix. The movie is both interactive and 3D. A second volume is already in the works featuring Melissa Lauren. You get the impression from talking to Volponi that no expense was spared in producing the movies which also feature lenticular boxcovers. “Along with this movie I’m producing a lenticular counter stand where you can display the movie on the counter of your sex shop or store and there’s no way that anybody’s going to walk by and not swear that the picture just moved,” says Volponi who’s giving away those point of purchase display stands.

“I’m pretty excited about this,” states Volponi. “The product is going to be fairly expensive but I don’t know that anybody else is doing lenticular covers other than mainsteam companies. For a new company just starting and breaking in with this kind of cover, I think that’s pretty impressive.” Volponi says with the Melissa Lauren movie the authoring button offers an option to see Lauren’s lunch. “I did which JM would call the gag factor in 3D,” says Volponi. “She actually projects her breakfast in 3D. It’s an interactive love story.”

> The comedy stylings of Taylor Wane and Dick Nasty will be on display beginning next Monday on KSEX at 6pm. Nasty & Wane replace Aria and Lee Stone in that time slot. Indications that this will be a shoot-from-the-hip, take no prisoners affair came the other day during a production meeting when Nasty allegedly made a comment that he had fucked everyone of the girls on the famous Free Speech poster depicting the raising of the American Flag. Wane said Nasty couldn’t have gotten any of those girls to fuck him unless money had been involved. Nasty said he had to think that at least someone in that picture had to have liked him. “Who? The American flag?” Wane asked him. The fact that Nasty one time took it in the ass with a strap-on has been the source of frequent bemused conversation on various KSEX shows. The scene was with Wane.

> The controversy between Stardust Jerry, and Katie Morgan’s tits continues. The other night Wankus, recapping the Katie Gold & Katie Morgan Friday night party at KSEX, stated that Jerry had attempted to grab Morgan’s tits perhaps on more than one occasion. Jerry has denied this ever happened. But on Wednesday night Wankus called Morgan to ask her about it. “This guy Jer who comes into KSEX a lot, he was here drunk off his ass,” Wankus reported.

“The word coming around from Katie Morgan was that Jer came grabbing her titties. And she kept saying stop it. She was trying to be nice- no, stop, hey, c’mon. Then her man jumped in- hey, cut that fuckin’ shit.” Wankus proceeded to read Jerry’s comments of denial which were posted on this site. Noting that he couldn’t swear for certain that Jerry did any actual tit grabbing, Wankus then called Morgan.

“Katie wasn’t as drunk as Jer,” Wankus said. “I’m thinking there’s a good chance that she really knows what happened.” With Morgan on the air, Wankus told her that Jerry was claiming he never touched her breasts. “Then he would be quite mistaken,” Morgan replied claiming that it was on multiple occasions. “Then there was the often grabbing of Katie Gold as well,” Morgan added. “It was more like a trying to pull my shirt back to look in kind of thing.” Wankus translated that as meaning there was an attempt to pull her shirt away to see Morgan’s naked tits. Morgan said that was pretty much the size of it.

> Cytherea,, did a blowjob scene yesterday in a duplex in Santa Monica and guess who occupied the floor below? Actress Natalie Portman rehearsing dialogue. Funny because Cytherea is often considered a Portman lookalike. Even Howard Stern pointed that out on Cytherea’s visit to his show this past December. But in this instance Cytherea and Portman didn’t meet. I’m told this is the first time the duplex has been rented out to a porn set.



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