Coke head racist pornstar Kandace Kayne fucks new agent

Kandace Kayne

I read your previous article about that girl Kandace Kayne and thought you might like this story. She’s the chick who was talking shit about her last agent being a drug addict then she was the one caught actually snorting coke.


(Apparently you also forgot she was also a racist bitch)


I noticed she is no longer with her new agent Society15. Guess grass wasn’t so green on the other side, huh? She wasn’t with her new agent more than what – 2 or 3 months?

When she left her first agent she owed him almost $3,000. She refused to pay and Kendra Lust agreed to rep her anyway. Now the bitch does the same thing to Kendra Lust. lol

Kandace Kayne ran off in the middle of the night a week or two ago and didn’t pay anyone. She owes her agent some fees. I don’t know how much but I’m told it’s over $1,000.

She owes her coke dealer over $500.

She owes at least one model house she stayed at over $1700 and another a few hundred bucks.

She left in the middle of the night and didn’t tell anyone, just ran away. She also stole some things from one of the girls in the model house she was staying at.

Then she posted on her snapchat yesterday that her car got repossessed.


  1. I met her on set and she is a two faced bitch. I can’t say I’ve ever met someone that just rubbed me the wrong way as much as she did. She’s really shady this one.

  2. Have you ever actually seen this chick perform? I catch her performance from that new sensations movie and the only thing that came to mind was dead fish.

    There is a reason she isn’t getting any re-bookings and it has nothing to do with having a bad agent.

  3. HAAAAAAAAAA! I love that she got her car repossessed. I wonder though, where the fuck is her money going? Clearly she ain’t paying her drug dealing or her rent since she ran off before paying those debts.

  4. Looks like this girl can’t keep it together. I tried Watching her movies but seems like she is always in the center of one drama after another. Her coke snorting video has more action. Heard she was talking shit about her last two agencies and she talks talks shit about other performers too. Maybe she should get to the gym instead. She’s fat

  5. I watched that video she was talking about. It’s wasn’t much. She said Society 15 failed her miserably and that’s why she is no longer with them. She would rather keep her 15% than pay them to do nothing.

    She didn’t mention why she ran off in the middle of the night and didn’t pay the dude $1700 for the model house.

    Then later she then says she’s a stoner, not a coke head. Guess that’s the reason she forgot to pay her coke dealer the $500 she owes him.

  6. I watched a snapchat of her in front of the mirror dancing around and then she turns to show her ass. I wonder if she realizes her stomach is so fat she looks pregnant?

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