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Porn Valley- Porn Valley- One of the great pleasures of hanging out with Lombard and the crew on the Sinsations 3, shoot of last week was having a re-acquaintance with Randy Spears [photo stolen from Wankus] and talking about old times. Unfortunately it’s the new times Spears is having problems with.

I’m asking Spears about a write up in Draculina magazine of a movie he had just been in, and Spears can’t remember New Neighbors to save his life. Mike Horner and Tommy Guinn co-star and once Spears sees the article, it rings a bell.

“You have to jump start me once in awhile,” kid Speers who honestly has no idea of how many projects he’s done.

“People will ask me what I’ve done and I have no idea,” he comments.

It’s noted that Speers is one of the few active porn stars around who’s worked for Chuck Vincent.

“Absolutely,” says Speers. “He moved on to New York and started doing softcore-stuff. He cast me with Linda Blair. We did a psychological thriller [Bad Blood]- no real nudity. Georgina Spelvin played my psychotic mother.” I remember Spears getting a lot of ink for how good he was in it.

“I did he,” says. “I was kind of lucky. It was a great part.” Spears reminds you that he came into porn from the mainstream.

“I did soap operas,” he said. “I did Ryan’s Hope for about a year- I was a bartender. It was fun.” In between graduating school and coming into porn, Spears did a hitch in the Navy and went to Willow Grove, Pa to do his reserve duty.

“Did they still have Willow Grove amusement park when you were there?” I ask Spears.

“Oh yeah,” he says.

“Christ, you are fucking old,” I laugh, remembering also that Andrew Blake grew up in that area and used to hang out at the Hot Shoppe. Spears roars a hearty laugh about being old.

“And so are you for recognizing that!” he says. Spears didn’t know that Blake was from that neck of the woods but remembers working for him at Playboy and later doing Night Trips. While on the east coast, Spears started doing some modeling and acting.

“I was taking the bus into New York,” he remembers. “I was doing commercials- stuff like that. And I started doing a little bit of theater.”

“With all of that going on, what possessed you to do porn?” I ask.

“I was out here when the writers strike hit in the early 80’s,” Spears recalls. “Hollywood virtually shut down. A lot of actors were going hungry and I did some modeling to try and keep some money coming in. I ran into somebody who gave me a business card- they said if you want to do any nude work give us a call. I thought, no, I can’t do that. They’ll dig that up some day and my career will be ruined. So I got a little hungry and I thought, let’s see what that’s all about. I ended up going and doing two scenes in an adult movie. It was with Stephanie Rage, and Angelina Baron was around then, too. That’s kind of how it started then the phone started ringing. They saw that I could act a little bit and do the deed as well. That took off from there and the money became too good to turn down.”

“I’ll always remember you being in one of the landmark porn features- Buttman.”

“I remember the phone call from Stagliano calling me up and saying I got this idea,” says Spears. “I’m going to be this guy that holds this camera and you’re going to kick me around and mistreat me. It’s going to be a different feel. It was the beginning of gonzo, really. It really was. It had that feel.”

I was the first to review Buttman, and remember being criticized handsomely by the distributors in the business for liking that movie. Spears finds that hard to believe.

“I took a lot of crap for liking that movie,” I tell Spears.

“Well, you knew what you were talking about- look how things have gone these days,” he says. Spears and I both share memories to when Stagliano couldn’t get arrested in the business and was a journeyman director for other companies. I also remind Spears of his recent KSEX appearance when he mentioned that his former wife, Danielle Rogers was Satan.

Spears chuckles remembering the fact that he worked with Rogers for her first scene in the business. It was for Scotty Fox.

“Remember Scotty?” asks Spears which prompts us to a communal impersonation of Fox.

“He calls me up and say I have a really special girl and you have to break her in,” Spears continues. “So I met her on his movie. We started with phone conversations for a couple of months. Then we started dating. She moved here from Colorado. I remember when she was brand new. She was stunning. Holy shit. And she was sweet and beautiful and I thought I’ll snatch this girl up. So I did. As we ventured down the marriage road, we started doing a lot of cocaine. We were raking in money. We started looking for new highs, kinky sex, drugs. It was a great thing. It was awesome. Things turned when we had our daughter. We moved away and left the business for a couple of years. We were in Colorado first then we moved to Philadelphia. We started a gym there and it started to get bad. We thought let’s get out of the business and give our daughter a different environment. We felt it was the right thing at the time.”

A couple of years later I spotted Spears at a trade show and he was announcing his comeback.

“The gym venture wasn’t real successful,” says Spears. “We had a partner out there and it wasn’t working out. Once you leave our business- you have to understand- you’re making an awful lot of money. And then you go out there and start pounding nails on a construction site, whatever. You’re looking at your first week’s paycheck and thinking, God, I made that in half a day.”

Spears admits that money was a basis of many disagreements between him and Rogers because they didn’t have a whole lot of it any more. Spears says he was the one to break by wanting to come back in the business.

“We split up, and I made a few phone calls from out there to my friends in this business,” says Spears. “They welcomed me with open arms. Vivid was talking to me about a contract at that time which never panned out. But I came back and everyone was like I never left. I had plenty of work and all kinds of money coming in again. Then she followed and came back out. She went to Colorado briefly, then came back out here and we tried it one more time. Then it just got ugly and she became a pretty heavy addict. And I was doing my share. Then her personality changed. “Some people venture off in alcohol and drug abuse and never come back to the planet afterwards. Something snaps and they fry their synapses, whatever. But they’re not the same people. I like to think I’ve learned from those experiences and am a better, kinder guy because of those things.”

Spears and Rogers remain in contract because of their two kids which he sees all the time. Rogers is a house painter.

“She’s still struggling and she still gives me grief every now and then,” he says. “She thinks she’s still married to me and can scream at me for stupid shit- like being late with my child support when it was actually two weeks early.” Asked if he would do it over again, Spears says knowing what he knows now, absolutely not.

“I wouldn’t have married her.” For all his years in the business Spears figures he was still working between 25-28 days out of the month.

“But it takes its toll, though when you get over 30,” he smiles. “That’s for sue. I worked as much as I wanted to and I was lucky that way.”

“Does the dick still have the spring of a young guy?”

“It does,” Spears replies, noting that he didn’t have the drugs and enhancements when he started that modern porn now has.

“We had Albolene for lube which was makeup remover,” he laughs. “It would liquefy in your hand. We didn’t have Astro-glide or anything like that back then.”

Spears is now doing all feature work and signed a contract with Wicked at the beginning of the year. He works exclusively for them as talent and does some directing.

“I’m right at home over there,” he says. “Steve Orenstein does the kind of movies I’ve been acting in my whole career. It makes sense. It’s working at real well and I’m very happy with it.”

Spears does a great turn in Jonathan Morgan’s Camp Cuddly Pines Power Tool Massacre playing a deranged sheriff.

“This one looks as much as any mainstream horror flick,” I say to Spears.

“Absolutely,” laughs Spears. “Jonathan did great job directing that and the characters were great. I played that sheriff who’s on the edge of psychosis at all times. It was fun.”

“Perhaps a little too close to real life maybe?”

“Yeah,” Spears agrees. “But it was a fun movie. You should see the behind the scenes with the stuffed racoon. You’ll see how much fun we had making that.”

It’s at this point that Evan Stone walks into the interview and begins busting chops.

“I heard you two hate each others guts,” I comment.

“I’ve heard people say that,” says Spears

“And I heard you give little bullshit comments on KSEX about how you admire this guy,” I tell Spears.

“At AVN they give out the Best Actor award like candy,” says Stone. “They give it out for film, digital, for hi-8- it doesn’t matter. It should be just one award.

“There’s five of us who battle for the stop position but he’s clearly the best,” Stone says in all honesty. “I have to catch him in his off days and sabotage his best efforts. I go to the editing room when everyone’s sleeping and cut his best parts out.”

“Speaking of sabotage, I hear a rumor that your two characters in the Sinsations series may be rubbing one another the wrong way,” I inform Stone.

“There was rumor that they were writing something like that in- I don’t know,” Spears tells Stone who’s obviously hearing all of this for the first time. “But I haven’t got the official memo yet.” Stone is acting quite flabbergasted. I then ask Spears if there’s one particular performance that stands out in his mind.

“I’ve always had this theory that a great porn movie is some movie you remember,” I tell Spears. “Is there any one project that strikes you like that.”

“I guess the only way to answer that,” says Spears, “is based on the characters I played that I had the most fun doing. Certainly The Masseuse years ago. The original one with Hyapatia Lee.”

“Often imitated.”

“Yes, they have done that,” Spears agrees. “And it won all kinds of awards the second time, too. That was a good part. Heart of Darkness for Vivid was a good part that I had played. Eternity from Wicked – I really worked hard on that one. That was a real good role. And going back to Andrew Blake’s Night Trips. I played a doctor and people sure remember that. I think more than anything Andrew Blake was breaking new ground in our business. I’ve done so many roles and have been so lucky just from an artistic standpoint as an actor- as sappy as it may sound- I’ve played more roles than anybody in Hollywood history if you really thought about it. As an actor I’ve had a ball. Not to mention getting to fuck these young, hot chicks.”

Spears had hinted on KSEX that he was a race car enthusiast. Spears grew up not far from the Indianapolis Speedway and would go to the races a lot.

“We had little fair grounds and did stock car racing on Friday nights,” he said. “We’d bring our beers.” Spears was a very normal kid growing up, and had a great childhood, according to him.

“I grew up next to a river and woods and parks,” he recalls. “Nothing dramatic happened to me as a child. I had a normal, midwest upbringing. I got to be a teenager and discovered that girls felt good. Just like every other red-blooded young man. I had a fun childhood. I really did.”

Spears was 15 when he did it the first time with a younger girlfriend.

“It was at my mom’s house while my mom was working,” Spears recalls. “We talked about sex before we did it. We had discussions about it. That’s pretty amazing, I know. We asked each other, are we ready for this? She rode her bike over to my mom’s house. We went to my bedroom, took our clothes off and tried it. It was fucking good! Sara thought so, too. She was my girlfriend for almost three years.” Asked when he first buttfucked a girl, Spears thinks he was 19 or 20 and already in college.

“She was a frat sister,” says Spears.

“Did you get her drunk?”

“She was hammered,” he laughs. “So was I. Back then we used to get quaaludes- the real ones. Yeah. But that’s what people don’t understand. I talk about drugs and free love. I came in at the very tail end of that era. It was still part of the society, wearing bellbottoms and free love and smoking joints. I was the guy who was scoring the dope for everybody. We had fun but it was harmless fun back then. We’d load up a van full of kids and go to the river and make a big bonfire. There were no cops and we weren’t driving anywhere dangerous. The worst thing you could do was run into a tree.

“And there was no such thing as AIDS, either,” I remind Spears.

“No there wasn’t,” he says. “We didn’t even know what herpes was. We had to worry about breaking condoms! I remember that. But then our girlfriends got on the pill. We were home free- that was great.”

“Do you miss those days?”

“I sure do,” says Spears. “I loved where I grew up. I spent most of my life there. And once I got older I couldn’t wait to get out and see the world. Now that I’ve seen the world I can’t wait to get back to that kind of living. It was very simple.”

“What do you prefer, girls of today or girls back then?” Spears is asked.

“That’s a good question,” he says. “Boy, the girls of today are so forward, man. They’re so easy it seems. That’s probably because I’m in this business, and out in the real world it’s probably a little different. But I don’t know. I think there was a wholesomeness back then that might be a little bit lost nowadays.”

“Do you get good seating in restaurants because of who you are?”

Spears has a good belly laugh.

“Sometimes,” he says. “It does help. It depends where you are. If you’re in Vegas trying to get into a club or something, then those guys know who you are and you never have to wait in line.”

Evan Stone comes back and really breaks balls because the interview is still going on.

“I had to measure your intellectual capacity as we were talking and there was no where to go,” I tell Stone of our last interview.

Spears thinks Stone is the greatest, noting that porn still has its boys club although years ago it was much tighter.

“There was nine of us at the most,” Spears continues. “But Evan’s been one of the only guys who have fit right in and was one of the boys. And he was right away, too.” Spears then continues a story about the time he’s in Disneyland with his kids two years ago. He’s buying his son some food. A group of three guys walk up to him. They’ve recognized him.

“Before I could say anything, they’re going I saw you in this and you were with her, this and that,” Spears goes on to say. “I go, whoa, whoa, whoa. I’m with my kids, here, man. But that happens.” According to Spears, his kids know he’s an actor. But not a porn actor.

“And they know dad has done nude work but we haven’t had the talk to the extent of it,” he says. “I don’t think they’re old enough yet.” Spears says he will talk to them about it because he doesn’t know any other way but to be honest.

“Will I be nervous about it? Yeah. Because I care about their opinions of me,” he states.

“What if your daughter tells you she wants to be a porn star like her old man?”

“Go to college,” Spears says he’ll tell her. “Too much pain over there. It’s a tough road and a lot to handle, emotionally. Especially for these young girls coming in. They’re 18 years old. They don’t even like sex. They don’t even know if they like sex, yet. Back when I started the girls were like hippie chicks. Now it’s become chic to be a porn starlet.”

“Girls back then were aspiring actresses who came into porn to mark time.”

“That’s really how it was,” says Spears. Spears in his KSEX interview mentioned Tracey Adams but the fact is he never worked with her which is surprising.

“I saw her,” says Spears. “But I never worked with her. It’s funny. There were several girls who were big stars and I would pass them on sets. But it was the luck of the casting. It’s kind of weird. I was talking to Christy Canyon a couple of months ago and the only time her and I ever worked together is when some guy couldn’t get his dick hard and I jumped in there and stunted for him. But we never did a real scene together.”

I ask Spears if he ever thought about writing a book. Sure, he says.

“I’ve got a lot of stories,” he adds.

“Can you remember half of them?” I ask.

“Yeah, I can,” he laughs. “Especially the painful ones.” And one of those which he survived was a brief relationship with Samantha Strong.

“I remember the celebrated incident in one of the Vegas hotels. I think you were the first porn couple to be booted out of one.”

Spears is willing to give an abbreviated version and relates the fact that he and Strong were dating. They were at the AVN show when Nina Hartley sat on his lap.

“Samantha gets jealous and stands up and storms out,” continues Spears. “She says, fuck you and goes upstairs to the room. I said to Nina I better go up and get her. I open the door to our room and there’s a partition next to the bathroom to the right. As soon as I came around that corner, klaaaang, I get my bell rung with a telephone alongside my head. I pick up the telephone and I threw it at her. She ducks and it bashes the mirror behind the bed. She leaps over the bed, runs outside and starts yelling rape in the hallway at the Tropicana. They came and they handcuffed me and took me to jail. I didn’t have a prayer. Robert Bullock bailed me out. Remember him? I’ve been involved with a lot of girls in our business that have been steamy, if you will.”

“And rather psycho,” I remind Spears.

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