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A Chat with Jay Andrews of Outback Productions

Casting complete, Nicole London’s company Outback Productions began the first of a three day shoot this week of a “rockumentary” that features rapper EA-Ski and a bunch of glamour girls from the mainstream. During some down time we had the opportunity of speaking with Jay Andrews, the “mystery” partner, who gives Outback Productions its decided Aussie flavor. Andrews who currently lives in the Philippines travels to the states about every six weeks to check in on his investment. He’s very excited about the direction his company his currently taking.

Gene: How did all this happen and it’s happening very quickly.

Andrews: It is happening very quickly. The company has only been in operation since last January. How we actually got into the movie side of things is through a series of events which had had me going down to Cuba.

Gene: This has a decided Hemmingway flavor.

Andrews: It almost is and just as exciting. Through meeting certain people, I had the pleasure of running into Nicole London my partner. As we all know Nicole has long time experience in the adult industry. She used to be one of the biggest names and has a very good reputation. She’s a very hard working woman and very intelligent. I was lucky being in the right place at the right time.

Gene: Since you brought it up how much of the Cuban story can you tell me. You’ve whetted my appetite.

Andrews: The story is about an investment with a company down in Cuba which is basically doing music promotion, modeling agencies, hotels and basic promotion of the Cuban society. I went down there. I had a look at the company’s setup and thought this would be something to invest for in the future. Now I’m sitting back waiting to bear the fruits of that investment.

Gene: How does this bring us to Outback.

Andrews: If I didn’t make the initial trip to Cuba I wouldn’t have been in the situation to have met certain people. I met a fellow in a gym who introduced me to the owner of the Havana company. He introduced me to one of his co-workers and we started discussing the porn industry. That co-worker told me he knew a lady who worked in the porn industry. We initially approached her to do the movies and the things for us. But it didn’t work out with her. Then my original partner managed to get a hold of Nicole London. We got the ball rolling very quickly.

Gene: Who were the first people in the adult industry you contacted that it didn’t work out with.

Andrews: It was Justine Romee and her live-in partner Gil. However it didn’t work out. With luck we got in contact with Nicole because we knew she had experience in movie production. So we approached her and that’s how it all started. That was last December.

Gene: You yourself know much about the adult business?

Andrews: I knew absolutely zero. My background is more in real estate and property development. However, once that I saw that profits could be made, I could see that this was something good to invest in. I made the decision and got the ball rolling.

Gene: Ever make the acquaintance of John Lark, the porn mogul in Australia?

Andrews: Hadn’t met anyone at all. What’s surprising to people who’ve been asking how long we’ve been up and running, is that we’ve been doing this for only one year. But it really doesn’t matter because business is business. The principles are the same worldwide.

Gene: Have you been on many Outback shoots?

Andrews: Absolutely. I’ve been on two shoots already. I like to get out here every six weeks or so. In between going down to Havana and being in L.A., the rest of the time I spend in the Philippines.

Gene: I’m thinking of the trips to Havana.

Andrews: It’s very exotic down there.

Gene: Like Mojitos?

Andrews: They’re beautiful. But not too many of them, though.

Gene: You can’t find a good Mojito here in the Valley.

Andrews: That’s for sure. And of course, one of the things that probably not too many people know about is the best looking girls in the world are living in Cuba. You have beautiful looking girls with blond hair, black skin, brown skin, Indian, African, all combinations. Of course there’s probably a potential to bring some girls from Cuba back to the states and do some movies. However due to current laws and restrictions it’s difficult at the moment.

Gene: It’s probably easier to smuggle them in then a cigar.

Andrews: It sure is at the moment.

Gene: So what’s your take on this shoot and where you’re going with it.

Andrews: We’ve decided that there is a very good market in the music industry with combining sexy girls with top music and top artists. If you combine these assets with a top director and people who are tops in lighting and sound, then you can put together a very solid package. That’s basically what we’re heading for. We’re lucky because we’re being advised every step of the way by the top people in their field. So it makes it easier for us. We listen to people and whatever they think is the best, we go and do it. We’re listening to people with a wealth of experience.

Gene: Being a relative babe in the woods, the adult side of the business must be an ongoing education for you.

Andrews: Absolutely. It’s very interesting, no question about it. You’re meeting all different kinds of people. But the girls are just like any other girls. They’re own to earth: they laugh, they cry, whatever. Just because they’re doing some kind of adult-thing is purely a job. That’s all it is. Purely a job to make money, just a different commodity.

Gene: You’re living in the Philippines. What prompted that decision.

Andrews: It’s 8 hours from Sydney so it isn’t too far to travel. I love the weather there. The people are very friendly. You’re dealing with people on a different kind of level, and, importantly, you have very sexy girls.

Gene: Where do you see Outback going this year.

Andrews: I see Outback heading towards the stars in two different areas. One is the adult entertainment side of the business where we’re going to continue to do super high quality adult features more appealing to couples. And we’re going to be concentrating on our music, DVDS and promotional stuff. This is going to be the first of many projects, but we can see the potential to mix the top rap artists with very sexy girls, playing top music, having good scenery shots. And we think it’s going to be good. We’ve been advised by all sorts of people that this is the way to go for the future. So we’re going to give it our best shot.

Gene: I heard the drama that was involved in the choice of Ayers Rock as the company logo. There was controversy.

Andrews: It was probably the perfect thing to have for a company called Outback productions. I thought adult industry and Ayers Rock. But Ayers rock is owned by the Aboriginal people. As soon as they’d see that on a pornographic DVD, the shit was going to hit the fan, basically. They regard it as a sacred symbol, so we pulled the plug on that in the early stages.



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