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A Veteran Discusses Diane Duke’s Illegal Behavior and Other Issues

MJ writes: Mike South and Gene Ross are both receiving this email as well. I don’t know if you’ll want to print it or not, but I do ask that if you do, you print the whole thing and not just pieces of what I have to say. I have been a part of the Adult industry for over half of my life.

I have been talent (solo and g/g only) and I’ve been active as a webcam performer (solo and g/g sessions). I’ve also worked behind the scenes as a sales-person for software, as a site manager, as a studio manager and I still help out as a talent recruiter and do training for cam models. These are just my own observations and opinions regarding some current topics that you’ve all covered.

FSC – Diane Duke knowing details of someone’s test results is illegal. Spewing out press releases that state she is aware of these details and describing them…illegal! She is not a doctor, plain and simple. Without written consent from ANY person who’s information is gathered by PASS, she nor anyone else using/being used by their system has any right to those details besides the DOCTOR who is responsible for giving only an Available/Unavailable designation on that system. The only thing coming out of Diane Duke’s or anyone else’s offices should only be: Available or Unavailable to perform as of _this date. Obviously this is not the way things are handled over there. HIPPA violations being down right bragged about in press releases should have had them shut down already! Why isn’t this being addressed more? Can someone please tell me that?

Is the reason FSC issued a press release denying the validity of Rod Daily’s positive because they couldn’t compound their illegal behavior by just sneaking in the back door to look at all of the details of his testing without his consent? In his place, after the way they seem to have treated his girlfriend’s information, I sure as hell wouldn’t trust them with mine either!

Instead, you are all bent out of shape because Cameron Bay was told to get her records from “Jenny”! Are you fucking kidding me? Obviously you’ve never had to get your medical records from a medical facility! I have. Several times.

The Doctor isn’t the one who gives them to you, dumbasses! You either go to the reception desk(ppsstt…this would be “Jenny”’s desk, I’m sure), fill out a request for them and then wait around while they are copied for you OR if you call for your records, you have to fill out and fax back a written form with your signature authorizing their release (often, they can only be sent by registered mail to the address the facility has on file for you) and you wait for them for (sometimes) weeks. Want them from your physician at a hospital? You walk your happy ass down to the Records office and do the same damn thing! GET THE FUCK OVER YOURSELVES if you don’t even know how a medical office works!

My question is, Where was Cameron Bay’s release authorization for anything other than her Available/Unavailable status in PASS? Why aren’t you harping on that instead of a Doctor seeing his patients and expecting the office staff to do their job?

Bloggers – bitching about how inept Diane Duke is, how scuzzy the board is, how they do not have the best interests of the performers first in their minds…but I haven’t seen any of you tackle the simple fact that releasing anyone’s information, on the part of CET and/or TTS to ANYONE other than the patient themselves is ILLEGAL, in more than a cursory observation! Available or Unavailable is all that anyone other than the patient should be able to see. Period. Have any of you bothered reporting THAT to State officials?

No, why bother, when you can attack production companies and performers, right? It’s much easier to sensationalize something you are familiar with than it is to DO SOMETHING new. Rob Black, if you aren’t just blowing smoke up everyones’ asses, if you are actually DOING SOMETHING, I applaud your determination to try to do right by the performers. If you are just blowing smoke, you are just like the people you are constantly smearing, simple as that. But everyone needs to quit treating performers like glass and insist on their personal responsibility too. I don’t see much of that coming from anyone.

Performers – Someone commented on a Mike South post the other day that performer responsibility needs to be addressed more. I fully agree. A test is worthless the moment you have any unprotected sexual contact with another person. Unless we are going to start holding talent in hyperbaric chambers from the second they test until the second they shoot, there is no Absolute safety in regard to the industry’s testing standards. Anyone can test, go out that night and pull a train and then receive their Available status the next day.

Even shooting exclusively solo and g/g, I knew that! FFS people, I don’t care if the only person you’re banging off-set is your boyfriend of 10 years. Are you absolutely, 100% positive that you’re the only one he’s banging? Are either of you shooting up? Are either of you taking loads in the mouth? Give me a break! I could talk to 5 performers today and at least 2 of them would tell me how fucked-up they were last night and that the banged someone who was not their on-screen partner for today’s shoot. You really have the nerve to sit there and tell me that’s you being SAFE?

Grow the fuck up and take responsibility for your actions! You don’t want to catch something? Then be the one who asks the questions, walks the walk and doesn’t fuck around irresponsibly off-set and insists on integrity from your on-screen partners! There’s a no-list mentality in this industry for a reason, folks. If you don’t feel like you can trust someone to take their own health AND YOURS seriously, add them to your No-List!

Condoms – I’ve heard all the arguments about viewers not wanting to see them, performers not being able to perform with them, allergies, etc., etc., etc… So you’re allergic to latex, don’t use latex condoms. Duh! You can’t perform with a condom on? Can you fuck off-camera with one? No? Then you shouldn’t be fucking our Talent Pool! Get the fuck out! Viewers are giving you a hard time? OH PLEASE! The small minority of viewers who actually give a flying fuck about the cock with the condom can either get over it or stop watching! I did my own little poll of fans and friends over the past two weeks. Guess what, out of 75 or so responses, only 2 said that condoms in scenes bothered them. Two out of 75! That’s like 1.5% if my math skills haven’t completely gone out the window! If that is in any way an accurate percentage of the viewers we would lose to condoms…take it! The other 98.5% of the viewing population will keep you afloat.

Kink – As for all of the Kink controversy, I have a few things to say. I used to work for Kink. I loved working for Kink. One of the things that I respected the most was that the directors, crew and staff genuinely seem to care about the performers and their safety. During my time there, I went to several (at least twelve) Public Disgrace shoots. Unless things have changed drastically over the past year, all of the hype over just anyone “finger-banging the model” is complete bullshit!

At every Public Disgrace that I attended, Donna would grab her bull-horn and yell, clip-board in hand, at everyone to shut up and listen and then go over the Performer’s Do’s and Don’ts list. She always stated that no penetration was allowed by the audience unless they were tested and approved beforehand. She always went over the fact that yes one could fondle or lightly slap/spank but if she or anyone on staff saw you draw your arm back more than halfway, you would be escorted out. No full-force swings. Period. Everything else: spitting, pouring beer on, words that were not allowed, etc. was ALL based on each individual model’s list.

A list that they were required to fill out on the day of the shoot and which could be revised all the way through to the end of the shoot. If a model didn’t want to be spit on, she said so and Donna would make sure that the audience knew about it. If she didn’t want anyone touching her other than paid talent, that was enforced vehemently! As for guests walking in off the street with their own test, that test was always approved by the Talent Department first, Donna next and the performer herself last. It didn’t matter if it was okayed by Talent and Donna first, if the performer said no, then the answer was NO, sorry dude.

If you’ve never been on-set for a Public Disgrace shoot, you’ll never get the rules behind one and you can whine all you want about how it’s done based on what the end-product looks like, but you don’t understand the control of the environment or realize how many staffers are on-site to ensure all performers’ safety. Do accidents happen and people occasionally get injured? Of course they do, on every set, not just on a BDSM set. I could name a couple people who had fractured ankles or screwed up shoulders after mainstream porn shoots. Where’s your condemnation of those producers?

Not only that, is one of the few who offer Worker’s Comp to those injured on their sets! I find it extremely telling that all of you have left that little tidbit of info out of your lambasting! You say that Cameron Bay was taken to the hospital right after her Public Disgrace shoot. If that is true, then she also was covered by Kink’s WC.

One of their cam performers slipped and fell on the steps outside the building and she was covered by their WC! You can vilify all day, but you’re about as fair and balanced as FOXNews! By the way, if you are shooting for exclusively, they pay for your testing too (to my knowledge, at least through last October). Where’s that tidbit, guys?

If this little rant does get posted, half the people who read it will discount it out of hand. That’s fine. These are my observations and opinions and we all know what opinions are like. For those of you who get it…get off your ass and do something about it!


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