The Many Lies of Diane Duke: An Ongoing Series; Duke Comment Fuels More Speculation about Performer #4

Diane Duke states:

“There is no evidence of a fourth case,” Duke said, referring to reports over the weekend after a new US-wide moratorium was declared last Friday, following a week-long suspension in August.

“This announcement seems to be political posturing by AHF. Last month they announced a syphilis outbreak in the adult film industry when in reality not one performer had syphilis,” she added.

Today on The Guardian we read:

“[Diane] Duke said the fourth case was rumoured to be a former performer who quit the industry four years ago and that adding him to the list was “posturing” by the Aids group. “We’re sexy and they crave attention.”

There’s a fourth performer or there isn’t. Diane Duke just keeps contradicting herself. And if what she said is true, Free Speech four years ago covered that story up about a performer who tested positive and left the business because we never heard about it.


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