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According to this Article, Mary Carey is “Stuck Up and Snotty”

Los Angeles [] – Her real birth name is Mary Ellen Cook, and a few years ago, after feature dancing at several adult gentlemen clubs, decided to get into the porn industry, because she was told, that she could make some real serious money because she was attractive, athletic, had great stage presence, worked quit well in front of an audience, and had a
very outgoing personality, that would come across well on camera.

People had told her in the past that she looked like & had some of the same features & physical characteristics as Pop Diva “Mariah Carey”, and that if she just enhanced some of those “Features” that, that wound be “Her In and Hook”, in the porn industry.

So, Mary packed up and moved to California, and got started in the adult industry. She loves the attention that she gets, and most of the time, generates it herself, and she can’t survive without it. She always is seeking some type of Media Attention.

In June of 2005, Mark J. Behar, who knew Mary, when she lived in Florida, a few years earlier, and who is a Young Entrepreneur/Business Owner & Investor of Major Multi-Unit Rental Properties & Buildings, in South Florida, and who also “Moonlights” as a “Celebrity Personal Security/Bodyguard”, had asked Mary (As they bumped into each other, a few years later in a “Home Depot”, in Florida), if she wanted to attend the MTV Movie Awards with him, in California, she of course said Yes.

Mark attended the event with Mary, and that’s when he found out about the true Mary “Carey”. She had changed over the years, and was very much into herself, stuck up, snotty, and was not professional & intelligent like he had known her in the past to be.

After the awards show, and a week or so later, she went to, and was at the “2005 – Presidents Dinner”.

Mark also, was personally invited to this same event, but was invited because & due to his achievements of being a young, upstanding, outstanding and Quit Successful Businessman, and who is a true Political activist, from and in his State of Florida.

Mary apologized to Mark at this event & dinner, and said that she got really drunk that night at & after the awards show. Mark forgave her & they took an “Official Presidential Dinner Picture” together at the event, which is the only “Official” one of Mary, at & from the event. Mary told Mark, that “They should stay & continue to be good friends, and keep in touch”.

Mark thought that she was actually serious about her political ambitions, at that time, because Mary told him, that she wanted to stop doing what she was doing, and leave the whole porn thing, world, and industry, and wanted to go mainstream like Mariah, and move to Florida, to be, live with & marry Mark.

6 to 9 months later Mary hired Mark to do some personal security & bodyguard work, as well as assist her with her personal matters & affairs at that time, as she was traveling throughout the country & across the world, doing feature & special personal appearances at several events.

This turned out to be a strain on & where their friendship took a turn. Mary cancelled out at the last minute on Mark, as he was already at the airport, at the gate, and boarding his flight, to where she was at. This eventually cost him over $7,500.00 in “Out-of-Pocket” travel expenses, and costs that eventually became & is today, a legal battle, with two Civil Action Court Cases, being filed against her, and which are still pending, in Florida.

Mary & Mark, stayed in touch & friends, on & off this past year, as they were going through & trying to work out & settle all these & their legal issues & matters.

In November of 2006, Mary asked Mark, to take her to another awards show, to go see & where Mariah Carey, was suppose to be performing at, the “AMA – American Music Awards Show”, where Mark was again, just like last year, invited to and was to attend, as a Special Invited Guest.

Mark, at first said “Sure, Yeah” and invited her, until they could not get past & settle their legal issues & matters.

Mark said, “At the end of all this, Mary just wanted to & has used me, just to go to & attend these Special Events, this & these Award Shows”.


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