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Adult Performers To Be Licensed ? Rob Black Told You So

Will you guys admit something to me?

Will you guys admit that while I don’t control what’s going on with the business right now with regards to the power structure of Koretsky, Stagliano, Hirsch, etc. that I do control some aspects of where this business is going to be regulated. Will you please give that to me?

While I don’t control who is going to buys what dildo, will you at least admit that I have had some influence over the policies that are going to come down the pipeline?

Ladies and gentlemen, what is the chatter that we’ve all been hearing? Besides the fact that Isadore Hall is back commenting on the porn stars wearing goggles bullshit, certain people are now calling on the California governor’s office for a legislative session to discuss implementing ideas for regulation that sound eerily familiar to the ideas that Rob Black has been promoting.

Oh, I forgot. Rob Black is a blowhard that doesn’t know what he’s talking about and has no influence over anybody.

What are we hearing coming down the pipeline? These are just proposals at this point. Ideas.

They are talking about putting together a system to license adult performers like they do in Nevada with prostitutes and strippers.

Holy shit, guys! Oh my GAWD!

Now we all know that the three propaganda institutions, Mike South, AVN and XBIZ never want to give Rob Black credit for anything.

I can’t wait to see how they’re gonna spin this one. They all want to dismiss the fact that I’ve been talking about this for 7 months, and that I’ve met and talked with people in the legislature.

They are proposing an idea to regulate the performers and bring this industry into a new era of legitimacy. They’ve said the porn business is legal in California, protected by the Freeman decision, even though it’s run like an outlaw pirate ship, and what we need to do is organize that.

I told I all of you that I sat with people who said, “Do you think they’ll go for an organized union?” I told them the business needs to be regulated and licensed like any other legitimate industry. That the licensing process doesn’t require voter approval.

What is happening now is the culmination of hours of meetings. All of you guys like to dismiss what I’ve been doing and say, “When’s Rob Black gonna stop yelling and do something?”

To all of you naysaying cocksuckers, what the fuck have you done in your entire miserable lives to make a difference? In seven months, I have managed to possibly help implement a policy that would regulate and legitimize the business, and more importantly, protect the health and safety of the workers in it.

Now you’re going to see how an industry should always have been run. Whether this idea comes together or not, the adult industry is going to be regulated.

They say the adult business brings in 10,000 jobs to California and 6 billion dollars a year in revenue. An industry that size surely needs to be regulated.

Once an organization is set up in California to regulate the industry are laws are implemented to enforce them, tell me what other state is going to let a bunch of pornographers run around in it and set up shop?

I told you that there was a bigger picture. We have an industry that is legal in our state. The next step is to legalize prostitution. Not on every street corner but in a remote area like they have in Pahrump Nevada. It will be an adult haven. Taxed and regulated and free of pimps and disease.

Rob Black is talking to legislators and the city and state about regulating the porn business, you don’t think he’s talking about regulating the agents? I mean pimps.

We’re not talking about CAA and guys like Ari Gold from Entourage. We’re talking about pimps like Mark Spiegler who operate out of a dirty apartment and send girls to Princess Donna and johns like Victor. Guys that send girls to hotel rooms to shoot “scenes” with the camera on a tripod.

I told these legislators about all these things and you could see their jaws drop. The business is unregulated and it’s run by outlaws like the wild wild west. I said the minute you implement regulations and licensing, you’re going to see a shift in the way things are done.

These legislators have never talked to someone who is so inside and entrenched in the industry. I talk about things that are so inside they don’t know what to say. The only people they’ve talked to are people with a financial motive who couldn’t care less about the safety of the workers in the adult business and all they have been fed are lies.

What we have now is real dialogue with the state and the city.

I love when everybody crowed about killing the statewide condom mandate. You didn’t kill shit. It’s coming back up in December! That’s three weeks away.

When everybody huffed and puffed and said we’re a six billion dollar a year industry and we bring 10,000 jobs and we’re just gonna leave, California said, “Hmm. we could use that tax revenue, so we’re gonna set up some rules and guidelines and give you guys a seat at the table.”

Mark Kernes says we abide by laws and pay taxes, so why should we be penalized for having sex on camera? You’re right Mark. Now we’re gonna be regulated.

What we’re talking about is taking the adult industry and taking it out of the shadows and out of the dregs and actually making it legitimate. If we say we want to be taken seriously as a legal business and not bothered by obscenity laws and be treated as respected members of the community, then we have to be able to accept regulation.

If you want to be treated humanely and with respect and dignity, you then have to abide by rules and regulations that keep that humanity and dignity in line. Because that’s the only way to keep certain individuals in check.

We need rules because people like John Stagliano who make the rules break the rules.

The question is will it get through? Can we get it done?

If we’re trying to gain mainstream acceptance, wouldn’t it behoove us to not be seen as renegade assholes who shun any form of oversight?

Guys, whether you like it or not, it’s here. It’s on the table. If any of you to deny it you are living in a fantasy land. If you think for one minute that Diane Duke and Free Speech Coalition will be able to fight this when they haven’t even made a statement addressing a performer working with hepatitis C for three years you are completely delusional.

This is validation of everything I’ve been talking about for the past 7 months. Whether this passes or not, at least it was put on the table and discussed.

Now is our chance to show the world that we are able to sit at the big boys table. We are going to be able to attract a whole other class of people who wouldn’t get in the business because it wasn’t regulated.

This is a good thing for the adult business. I know people hate the fact that Rob Black brought it to us. But when we accept the inevitable and work with people who can make changes instead of fighting them, that’s when we can look at ourselves and the world and say we deserve to be here.

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