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Rob Black To Diane Duke : Don’t Let Me Define Who You Are. You Define Who You Are

“You gotta read this letter.”

“Now this was Friday. Now XBIZ and AVN, the lot of them when they print something that’s going to get any feedback they do it on Friday so everyone will forget about it by Monday. Kinda like someone kicking you in the balls and running away. So when you see them again you’re not as angry.”

“So you have Diana Duke and she starts her blog letter off, it says:

‘Words, Consequences and Priorities; We Can and Should Expect Better.’

And it starts:

‘No really, I’m fine…but it’s the industry I’m worried about.’

“So Diane Duke is worried about the industry. So I guess Diane Duke has been part of our lives, longer than me, longer then Tom Byron, and she’s very worried about this industry.”

“What I think Diane Duke is worried about is losing her fucking paycheck. For basically doing nothing because she sees the jig is up.”

‘I have been getting a number of calls and emails of late asking me if I am okay. Friends, industry members and even some people I have never met have been showing up in force to provide kind words of support.’

“I’m thinking what, did she have somebody die in her family? It’s like Danny Wylde’s big announcement when he gets life altering news from a doctor but it has to do with erectile dysfunction pills or devices and that’s why he needed a support system of friends and family and shit himself a couple of times.”

“Diane Duke is talking about all these throngs of people calling her up and asking if she’s alright. So wow..”

She says; ‘Why do these people need to reach out to me? Because lately I have been the target of a couple of bloggers rage-filled ramblings. It’s fascinating really that these bloggers feel so compelled to try and bring me down. I don’t read their blogs’

“It’s like, you ever notice everyone says they don’t read the blogs, but they always comment on them. Like somebody brought it to their attention and then they felt compelled to respond. ‘Like, I don’t reads bloooogs, just let me just state that’

“So Diane Duke doesn’t read the blooooogs, so they’re just rambling. OK.”

She continues;

‘I have trusted friends who will tell me if there is something there…so far, nada.

“So really Diane, if there is nothing there, why are you writing an editorial and putting it on XBIZ dum dum? I can give you a whole bunch of times where you’ve responded directly to something said by me or hillbilly boy Mike South via a press release. Let’s not forget about John Stagliano having Cameron Bay’s medical information. That’s a fact, so you went right to the press and stated John Stagliano was never given anything directly by Dr. Miao”

“Diane Duke, this isn’t the National Enquirer. We’re sitting here telling you facts. Cameron Bay told us John Stagliano called her and told her he saw test results. If you say John Stagliano didn’t discuss Cameron Bay’s viral load you are a liar.”

Diane Duke says, ‘I am not the only one under attack and, to be honest, I feel honored to be amongst their list of distinguished targets who are some of the people I most respect in the industry.’

“Who’s that Diane, Manwin?”

‘I have been accused of meeting with terrorists, having connections with the mafia, leaking confidential medical information, fiscal impropriety and so much more. Anyone who has spent more than a minute with me understands the absurdity of these and other allegations. It would be funny were it not so tragic. Clearly, these bloggers are striking out in a desperate attempt to be relevant despite their impotent lives. I learned early on that hate and anger are wasted emotions, and I do feel compassion for their dismal circumstances. However, despite my personal viewpoint, my first priority is to protect the good people and companies that make up the adult entertainment and pleasure products industry.’

“Don’t remember anyone saying you were meeting with the mafia, but leaking confidential information? That is a fact. When the lawsuits come they are going to ask how did this information get leaked. Are you going to perjure yourself?”

“OK you ready guys? This is where Diane Duke is extremely comical.”

‘These bloggers claim to represent the adult entertainment community — obviously, they do not.  Worse yet, their myths and misinformation have been used against us by industry enemies as “insider information and fact.” AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF), which spent more than six million dollars to pass mandatory condom regulations in Los Angeles and is responsible for AIM’s demise, links directly to one blogger’s site. And, it is my understanding that another blogger went to Sacramento to lobby against the industry in favor of strict governmental regulation of the industry, including mandatory condoms, testing and barrier protection. These so-proclaimed “representatives” are now allies of the industry’s most powerful opponents. More importantly, a blogger need never try to form a consensus among affected groups in this diverse and complex industry. A blogger need only shriek loudly and be controversial.’

“So Diane Duke, I don’t even know where to begin with your bullshit. I love how she reported about AIDS Healthcare Foundation. She’s basically telling the entire world that hillbilly boy Mike South and myself support condoms, because of the horrific job you have done with leadership in our industry.”

“And AIDS Healthcare Foundation takes care of sick and dying porn stars, so when Darren James, before you decided he was a piece of shit and a pariah, was friends with all of you and worked with all of you. It’s funny when people say yeah he was fucking trannies in Brazil and brought it back here. So he did what John Stagliano did, and John Stagliano’s a hero and Darren James is a piece of shit? Don’t understand that, but whatever.”

“And I guess Diane is talking about me going to Sacramento. Uh Diane, I didn’t go to Sacramento, Sacramento came to Rob Black. Thank you very much.”

“And you’re saying to the the world that a couple of bloggers who you say don’t matter want the government to come in and have better regulation over testing, condoms and barrier protection and when they say barrier protection they mean condoms. Or are you trying to keep going over your bullshit about goggles and hazmat suits? And where is Wicked in this? You guys see how ludicrous this is? Diane Duke is trying to paint me as the enemy for doing something that Wicked does. Vivid has done it and is pretty close to doing it again. Porno Dan does it. Where does Diane Duke come off trying to paint me as the Moral Majority? Like we’re trying to put sheets on statues?”

“Wicked Pictures is mandatory condoms. If you say I have performer choice, they say no you don’t. This is our set and we provide a safe work environment and we have condoms.”

“Who are you trying to enrage? The bottom feeders? Wicked has condoms. Vivid is probably a couple of weeks from using condoms. Shit, Axel Braun is now saying performers have to be 21.”

‘These so-proclaimed “representatives” are now allies of the industry’s most powerful opponents. More importantly, a blogger need never try to form a consensus among affected groups in this diverse and complex industry. A blogger need only shriek loudly and be controversial.’

“Diane Duke, what is so diverse and complex about this industry? You got a bunch of fucking hookers and johns and they all go where the money is. And you all got a bunch of fucking pimps. There’s the industry Diane.”

“Diane Duke I’ve been in the industry longer, I know all the players. You are nothing Diane Duke.

“Let me go on, because you’re talking out of both sides of your mouth and your asshole. You say AIDS Healthcare is responsible for AIM’S demise. You say if someone catches you breaking laws that the people who caught you are bad people. They filed bankruptcy and owed over half a million to the labs. They skipped out on half a million to the labs. That’s criminal.”

“People get HIV and they disappear. Just ask Sofia Delgado. Oh you can’t because she’s vanished. Danny Wylde is on the PASS advisory board and gets a weird medical problem with dick pills and he’s done. You have Diane Duke lying saying AIDS Healthcare put AIM out of business. It wasn’t half a million dollars that they owed to labs. They were fucking up left and right and somebody called them on it and just like our business, people shit on the people who reported the crime, not the people who committed the crime.”

“Diane Duke blames Michael Weinstein for catching AIM for stealing half a million dollars. She didn’t get mad at Sharon Mitchell. Why? Was she giving Diane Duke money? I’ll bet if you went throughout the records of AIM, I’ll bet you would find a bunch of contributions to Free Speech Coalition. Just like our industry to take over a half million dollars that they stole from talent. And leave it to Free Speech Coalition to say Michael Weinstein put them out of business. Why Diane? Because he revealed that AIM was corrupt and that caused them to go out of business?”

She goes on:

‘The First Amendment and free speech are near and dear to my heart, hell it’s why I took this job in the first place. But words matter and there are consequences to what one says. Much of what is written on these blogs could reach the point of slander or libel and that will likely be settled between the bloggers and their targets.’

“Really Diane, when is this happening? Because I’ve been doing this for six months. If people were going to sue me for libel, don’t you think they would have done it already? But they can’t. You know why? Because everything I’ve been saying is the truth. Is it because I have nothing? Fred Goldman got a judgement against OJ and is still chasing him down. OJ said he doesn’t have anything but if he earns anything Fred Goldman will be there to collect.”

“So Diane Duke I’m waiting for all these things that are slander. So when I talk about these things they are true. I was there when they went on. When I talk about peoples drug problems I know that they are true because I know who supplied the drugs to them. When I talk about these people they are true.”

“She wraps it up:

‘This article will no doubt bring on vicious attacks from the bloggers of which I write, the consequences of my words. But as an industry we can and should expect better than to allow these disenfranchised bloggers define who we are.’

“If Steve Hirsch, John Stagliano and Diane Duke don’t like me to define who they are, what they need to do is be big boys and girls, stand up and answer the questions and let THEM define who they are. Because you’re right Diane, go to people’s Twitters and read people’s comments. The only people who are defining who you are is you.”

“So why don’t you set up a nice town hall meeting and let the press, let everybody come down there and why don’t you answer questions. So why don’t YOU stop being babies and define exactly who you are.”

“Don’t let me define who you are. YOU define who you are.”


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