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In response to the Seidman/Icey Porn Articles

Dennis Hof of The Bunny Ranch writes:

I told Steve! This is why I didn’t want him getting the Bunny Ranch girls involved. Everyone has some kind of B.S. that they want the ranch to get involved with. We take the high road and only deal with players that we know can be trusted. Big change, sleeping in cheap hotels as compared the first class apt. the Bunny Ranch paid for you to be happy in. I would never tell Steve, “I told you so.”

On a follow up phone call, Hof told AdultFYI, “Steve bought off on these guys and I knew it was bullshit from the beginning. He wouldn’t listen. I wish there was something I could use him for [Seidman], if I think of anything I’ll give him a call. He needs to be creative now and get working on some good things.”

In response to the Vandalia Hit By Car Articles

Robert Lombard of Creative Management writes:

Sincerely hope you are ok! ‘Aleve’ for the pain, plenty of rest and some good steaming hot Matzo Ball soup from the best Jewish deli in and about your neighborhood.

Jason from DC writes:

Vandalia you’re soooo hot! I hope that accident was minor and you have a speedy recovery. I wish I lived in los angeles ’cause I’d nurse you back to health in my own special way!



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