AdultFYI.COM Reader Mails In: American Women Are The Worst Shit In The World!

I feel pity for you guys for having to live in a country full of American women. We know women suck but among these foul creatures, American women are simply the worst. I’ve made a list to explain why:

1) Increasingly ugly.  American women are becoming uglier, most of them are obese, have bad skin  and with the extreme attention they get they realize they don’t need to exercise/eat well. If you don’t believe me just take a tour around Europe and see where they stand.


2) No values, no word of honor. Women in general have very low values and no word of honor but American women definitely go to another level.  For a while I lived in a touristic beach town in Mexico, the local Mexican population was about 250, 000 people and most of the Mexican women were from low social backgrounds so my only option was to go down town and pick up the drunk spring breakers. Sometimes I made out with them, sometime I fucked them but if I remember something is that they had no word, for instance, many times I told them “Hey let’s go to this secret beach I know, it will be fun, blah blah…” we agreed to meet somewhere at a specific time and then they never showed up, never! So I have no idea how do you actually date them if they won’t show up, they are undatable!

In Europe, if a woman agrees to a place and time at least she will show up.

3) Can’t handle alcohol.   It’s bad enough in old Police State USA people can’t drink until age 21 but women in America never learn to handle their alcohol, you always see them passing out on the streets, getting arrested.

4) Most Self-Entitled bitches in the world. Let’s face it, for some unknown reason, women get lots of attention in the USA and with feminism and all that shit they’re used to getting anything they want.

5) They are rude and make you hate yourself.  Most times you approach them they answer with a cold shoulder, a bitchy attitude and make you go back home hating yourself. I remember one day I was in a bar in L.A. that didn’t have much women, I saw two single women and started a conversation with one of them who was OK looking but WAS MISSING an arm!

I thought this would perhaps make her friendlier/more open minded to compensate, but instead, she gave me the cold shoulder (if she had any)! This led to the realization that she was taught to act like a normal American woman despite her handicap, by normal I mean a total bitch.


6) They’re immature and can’t have deep conversations.  One of the complaints women have is that us men see them as sex objects, but I’ve proven many times that they cannot be seen as something more than sex objects. Every time I talk to them their conversation is something like this: “Oh my god I’m so wasted,  my friend got all Jelly! That’s the creepy guy who was following us yesterday!” It is impossible to have a real conversation with them so they are truly nothing more than sex objects.

7) Their lies are dangerous. Many men are ending up in jail because these animals are lying about rape just because they are faced with buyer’s remorse. By accident I was reading Lena Dunham’s rape story (By the way, I think Lena Dunham is the perfect example of modern American woman) and it just seemed the story of two drunk people having sex and then she got convinced by her feminist friends that it was actually rape.


8) The legal system in the USA will make you pay for being a man. In all the world, the American legal system is the one that is incredibly unfavorable for men when it comes to divorce. I’ve heard hundreds of stories of men having to live in the woods or going back to their parent’s after being left with $100 income a month after paying alimony, sometimes paying lifetime alimony for a lazy bitch who decides to bang a live in boyfriend while leeching off of you. The other countries that also seem similar in this regard are: Canada, UK, Australia.

For the rest of the world these unjust laws don’t apply, for instance, in Mexico women might apply for child support but never for alimony because it won’t be granted, and if it is, there are no reliable methods to enforce collection. Here in Czech Republic I’ve heard that women are granted on average about $25 a month in alimony and so they don’t even bother to file for it and go back to the work force as soon as possible, as they should.


9) They dress like shit. Sure I’ve seen some nicely dressed women around West Hollywood but the majority of the American female population are clueless about how to dress. For instance, the other day I was with an American friend at the metro here in Prague and he’s got this crazy habit of talking to girls he hears speaking in English. I have told him many times to don’t do it since we live in Prague where most women are stunning (they are still animals but never the less, pretty animals who are not rude), but he never listens to me and so he spoke to these 2 American women: One of them was skinny, looked like a featherless bird and the other one was a tom boy, no makeup, no beauty, just like a guy, but what caught my attention is that they were both dressed the same way: saggy jeans and a leather jacket that looked worn and dirty, in other words, these two girls looked like hobos. Of course, he got mind fucked with the conversation because the Tom boyish girl made him doubt about some visa questions he had and he had to go back home and research the answers, I told him it was bad to talk to them but he didn’t listen.

Then 1 week later we were at this beer store and we saw a horde of about 6 American girls in their early 20’s all dressed with the same outfit! Saggy jeans and Hobo jacket, one of them was holding a bottle of super cheap white Tequila, they were all ugly and it also confirmed my fears of American women now wearing a new ugly trend. My stupid friend tried to start a conversation again, the girls didn’t even answer (rude animals) and just left immediately when they realized it was a beer-only store.


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