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Aiden Ashley Holding a Fundraiser October 12th to Defray Medical Expenses from a BMX Accident

Aiden Ashley is having a fundraiser, October 12th. [The time and place will be in the next update.]

She got into a very bad BMX accident leaving her with her jaw broken in 3 places and fractured in five. She’s trying to organize a few benefits to help offset the costs of her “outrageous” [her words] medical bills so she can get back to working in the industry as quickly as possible.

I corresponded with Ashley via e-mail because there was no way she could talk on the phone. This is what she had to say:

“I have always been into doing extreme sports. Anything that can get my adrenaline pumping, I am down for. I actually would like to get into ‘hollywood’ stunt work soon and also join a circus since I do silk ropes and trapeze.

“I am currently training with one of the top pro BMXers in the world. My goal is to enter into some smaller competitions in about a year.

“When i was practicing doing some street riding down in Newport Beach on 9/11/10 I decided to get really ballsy and go for a 6-stair. My handlebars got squirrely on the landing and I went flying over then face/jaw first into the concrete.

“I broke my jaw in 3 places and fractured it in 5. I lost one tooth at the time of the accident and chipped almost every tooth in my mouth. They had to rush me to the ER on a stretcher because they were concerned I had damaged my spine (lucky I didn’t).

“I was also loosing a lot of blood they were scared about that, and the fact I was swallowing huge quantities of blood and throwing it up was a big issue. I also was going in and out of consciousness. I had to get stitches in my chin where I hit and rushed into the OR to get my jaw wired shut.

“It ended up being over a six hour operation. When I was under surgery they had to remove five teeth that were “un-salvageable” because I totally crushed all the bone in my upper gums so badly that the teeth would no longer hold in there.

“The doctors were in awe how I somehow only sustained internal damages and no external injuries. They said I got ‘very lucky, especially because of my profession. You can’t notice anything is wrong, from the outside. I am still in quite a bit of pain and my jaw is wired shut for another three weeks.

“It really sucks to have to be on a liquid diet for six weeks. If i have to eat applesauce one more time i think i might kill someone, haha. I am actually just very stressed and worried about ‘the next steps’ and the financial aspect of this all since I do not have health insurance.

“I have to get a few more surgeries done inccluding bone grafting to put in my upper gums in order to hold teeth into them. They will either have to take bone from my hip or a cadaver, the doctors have not decided which is the best way to go yet.

“After the bone grafting takes (4-6 months) then I have to get teeth screwed into the bone. I also have to get a metal plate (between 1 and 5) placed in my jaw. I also might have to get my jaw re-set but they will not know until it is un-wired in 3 weeks.

“However, once my mouth gets un-wired an orthodontist will be able to make me a ‘flipper’ so no one will be able to tell anything is wrong. Once the doctors make me a ‘flippe'”, I will be able to return to work (as long as no one hits my jaw hard in a scene). They say this will be around late November.

“I am able to do photo shoots as of right now, if I don’t have to smile. If you look at most of my pictures, I am not smiling in 99.9% of them anyways. My face still looks the same, its just the internal x-rays that shows my jaw as a broken egg shell.

“I have been in the industry for almost a year now. I decided I wanted to be a voice in the battle to help make sexuality a publicly accepted thing and not something that is hidden behind closed doors and looked down upon.

“Sexuality is a great and wonderful thing I think people should embrace instead of being ashamed about it. A persons sexuality is not immoral, it is beautiful. To be a voice, to have to put your ass out on the front lines… literally speaking.

“So, I decided that I was mature enough to handle this crazy industry and it was something I have always been interested in doing. I looked up who the best agency’s were and sent out a few emails. By the next day I was signed and doing my first nude photo shoot a few days later.

“Within a year I have accomplished quite a bit, especially for being an only girl/girl performer. I have a pictorial coming out in the December issue of Hustler Magazine and I star in Elegant Angel’s first “Club 59” release “Girl Crush”.

I also found out the day my accident happened I was going to be the October Danni girl of the month (I have talked with them and they are going to wait until I am healed and then make me a girl of the month still). I am very excited about all I have done and all I hope to accomplish in this industry. I love my job and cant wait to get right back where I left off, full steam ahead.”


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