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AIM Competitor on the Horizon

Porn Valley- Rob Spallone was an unexpected phone-in guest to The Wanker Show, Wednesday night.

Spallone had called on the heels of an industry meeting that had been advertised closed to the press. Spallone asked Wankus why he wasn’t there. Aside from the fact that Wankus is press, Wankus told him he had to work, that he had a show to do. Spallone thought it odd that someone in the porn business really worked. During the course of their brief conversation, Wankus also got Spallone to admit that he was backing a prospective AIM competitor.

Nicole Sheridan, who was an in-studio guest, mentioned that Suze Randall had called her a couple of days ago about attending the meeting but that Sheridan had already committed to the KSEX show.

“But we also told her that if there was anything that she wanted us to say on the air, or something that she felt important to get out to other talent, we’d be more than happy to do that and use this time to do some good,” Sheridan stated.

Wankus said he was under the impression that Wednesday’s meeting was for talent-only.

“They switched it to no-talent,” Spallone quipped, a comment that could be taken a number of ways. Spallone said there was some talent at the meeting.

“But basically they have their minds set in their plans already,” said Spallone. “This was just to pacify some people and pat them on the back.” Spallone then brought up this week’s Sacramento trip and the fact that Mary Carey was made a spokeswoman for the porn people.

“They forget to ask the porno people if they wanted her.”

Spallone continued to characterize Wednesday night’s meeting as a self-congratulatory back-patting one, dwelling on the good job everyone’s doing.

“Meanwhile the talent has to learn to stick up for themselves,” Spallone said.

“They could tell us, the producers, directors, owners of companies what to do. The talent don’t understand that. I’ve been behind the talent for 8 years already. They’re the ones that can call the shots. I told male talent seven years ago- there were about ten guys in the business that were working steady. And I’m telling you steady -once, twice a day. And you know what they made? $200 a scene. I aid you guys are the biggest assholes I ever met. What don’t you all go out to dinner tonight and starting tomorrow we charge $500. We’re going to have to pay you. You’re the only ones we use. It took them five years later to raise their prices.”

Noting that Spallone appears to be emerging as the industry’s latest spokesperson, Wankus observed that Spallone seemed to have had Sharon Mitchell spinning like a top [my analogy] at last week’s press conference by asking Mitchell some pretty direct questions, “That she got a little nervous answering.”

Spallone was of the opinion that Luke Ford made her look like a monkey by asking her what day of the week Darren James tested positive.

“She mentioned every day of the week,” Spallone said. Wankus then asked Spallone directly if he was trying to start his own version of AIM.

“Absolutely not true” Spallone answered. “First of all I would be original. I had a clinic before anybody else. I forgot to tell you that part.” Spallone said the industry used to have an ELISA test which he secured for $35.

“But the only reason I had the clinic wasn’t for money. I don’t need the money but to make it convenient for me as a shooter that if talent showed up with no test, I didn’t have to wait 2 1/2 hours for them to go to Venice to get their test. And I made it convenient for the talent who all live here in the Valley to get their test. They were all thankful. For the past four years, talent have been begging me to open another clinic.”

Asked if he and Bill Margold had plans of opening another clinic, Spallone admitted that he did.

“That’s what I just asked you,” Wankus said. Spallone qualified his answer by stating that he himself wasn’t opening a clinic but was helping to get that accomplished.

“As far as I’m concerned nobody should be told where to get a test,” Spallone says. “If I send you to the dentist and you don’t like the dentist, what are you going to do? Not go to a dentist? You’re going to find another dentist. And if there’s more than one clinic, the clinics will try a lot harder because they want to do better than the other clinics.”

Wankus said he could make a whole show on the issue and invited Spallone to come to the studio some time in the future.


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