Alana Evans Adds Another Star to Her Stupid Report Card; Rob Black Calls Her a Traitor for Taking Manwin Money

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During a break in his show, Rob Black got a tweet from Alana Evans.

“As a man I’ve never accomplished one-tenth of what she’s done. Her beauty and acting prowess makes any other actress salivate with jealousy,” said Black.

“I can only equate her talent to Meryl Streep status, Glenn Close- there is no adult film actress as big as this woman is and is still relevant today; she’s in all the magazines, all the papers. This famous and overwhelming actress said she had sympathy and respect for Cameron Bay but doesn’t any more because she switched sides and is now a traitor and is only in it for financial gain.

“This rocket scientist- doesn’t this moron work for Manwin? This complete buffoon. Doesn’t 80% of the industry suck the dick of Manwin the great pirater that destroyed our business, and we’re all broke because of Manwin?

“I would say if you work for them it would be called ‘the other side’ and being traitor and working for financial gain. Then this rocket scientist is actually talking to Cameron Bay as if she just got a case of the bug bite.

“I guess it’s cool with the people you hang around with, Alana Evans, but it takes tons and tons of money to have proper medication and the last I heard most people want to live their life to the fullest. So when a 26 year-old girl is sitting alone in her house in Arizona and can’t afford $150,000 a year for her HIV treatment, she’s supposed to die?

“But you take $200 a week to do a fucking show, you cunt. Cameron Bay requires a $150,000 a year for treatment and you require $200 a week to feed your fat ass. You work for Manwin, so you can eat cookies. This girl is dying from a fucking disease that our industry gave her.

“This girl is dying from a disease; she gets notified of her condition by John Stagliano and Bobbie and her daughter [at Cutting Edge]. She has been sitting in Arizona dying, Alana Evans.

“People came along and offered her a chance to live and you’re sitting around living for $200 a fucking show. You’re honestly going to say Cameron bay is a traitor? Let’s see over the next ten years, a chance to live vs. cookies? Are we all going to have this debate? Or do you just want to get your name back in the media? Are you happy now? You got you name mentioned. Alana Evans the traitor who works for $200 a radio show.


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