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Amber Lynn: Everybody in the Industry Did Cocaine; ” I had four different guys put engagement rings on my finger to get into my butt”

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Granted, Amber Lynn’s Internet show Friday night had technical problems because someone needs to get her a land line.

So, in my travels around the Internet I uncovered this interview she did April 29th on LA Talk Radio with Sam Hasson and Bridgetta. In it Amber conducts a cocaine seminar and talks about the first time she took it in the ass.

Sam said he met Lynn at a James Bartholet party.

“James Bartholet has the best dinner parties,” she said.

Sam notes that in the Eighties, Amber was one of the biggest stars in porn and that he used to jerk off to her movies.

“I started in the Eighties and did it all,” she said. “I try everything once. If I like it I’ll do it again. If it’s really good it becomes habit.”

Asked if there’s anything she tried and didn’t like, Lynn said anal and her butt would pucker at the word.

“I guess my butt wasn’t ready for it. It would cringe up and go ow.

“I had this boyfriend -I had many of them – he’d go you’re a porn star, you won’t let me do you in the butt? No. I’m saving it for when I get married. I had four different guys put engage rings on my fingers to get into my butt. A lot of guys are fixated on it.”

Asked why that is, Lynn said, “There’s a lot of dirty boys out there.”

Lynn added that there’s a whole thing to it especially if you’re a professional.

“If you’re in the industry and doing an anal scene, if you have to be on a set at noon, you have to get up at 6 in the morning to do an enema to clean out your body so there won’t be an accident.”

Bridgetta asked what happens if you have to “shit” real bad in the mean time. Lynn gave her advice about using spring water but concedes there’s many accidents on set.

At Batholet’s last dinner party, Lynn said they were talking about “shit” stories.

“David Lord outed me on twitter because I told the story about my first anal and it was not a public thing. I had a boyfriend who wanted it. One of my girlfriends told him, ‘give her a Soma and give her some wine. She’ll give it to you in a second.’

“He gave me a Soma [a muscle relaxer]. At the time I was still drinking. I no longer drink. This is one of the reasons why. I drank a bunch of alcohol and said I’m really scared. He goes ‘get on all fours and when I penetrate just push out.’

“You never say that to a drunk girl who’s on her hands and knees. I pushed out and I pushed out all over. He’s oh my God. I came out of the bathroom and was ready to go. He said, ‘no, get away from me.’”

A former addict who’s now running a clinic called in promoting a book and Lynn began talking about some of her own drug and alcohol stories.

“I’ve been through rehab myself,” said Lynn.

“I’m 13 years clean. The first time I went into recovery it was court ordered. I thought what the f***. What am I doing here, it’s so ridiculous. I developed a drug addiction. It didn’t have to do anything with my drinking but then when I stopped doing the drugs, I’m driving my car- I would get drunk and I would want to drive my car.

“Vodka would really take me out. I’d start drinking Vodka. And Tequila would make me angry and I would want to fight everybody. As long as I stuck to wine I was happy and it was all beautiful. As soon as I hit the hard liquor there’d be this weird twist that would occur.

“In the Eighties everybody did cocaine. Everybody that was in the industry did cocaine. It was a very popular drug in the Eighties. Because I became a famous porn star people would give me bags of it to come to their parties.”

Lynn said another popular thing in the Eighties would be to freebase cocaine.

“Anybody who’s ever done that knows it’s highly addictive and you really really have to be careful. But the drugs are not the same any more. We don’t have real cocaine any more. Now it’s like crack. Even the sound of it is so awful. Back then it was very glamorous.”

Bridgetta said she knew Dawn Schiller [John Holmes’ lover].

“I worked with John Holmes several times,” said Lynn. “He was supposedly the biggest guy that ever was in the industry. I know Bill Margold will hate me for saying this because he calls him the king, but he [Holmes] was not the king to me. His member never got completely hard. Probably because of his addictions. And he wasn’t the most handsome man as far as I was concerned. I didn’t personally find him sexy.

“There are many guys in the industry, like Manuel Ferrara, where you’ll just die.”

Sam brought up Lexington Steele. Lynn said she’s never worked with Steele but she’s worked with Sean Michaels.

“Sean Michaels is a very elegant, sexy man with a very big schlong. But John Holmes didn’t appeal to me that way, but I worked with him and it was fine. We got through the scene. For me I never tried having sex without an orgasm. I’m very selfish that way.”

“Not only do we want to give the viewer a real orgasm, we want to give them an over the top, larger than life orgasm they would never be able to experience at home.”

“We go to porn to get the fantasies real life doesn’t give us,” Lynn went on to say.

“That’s why we go to porn. We go to porn to live out a fantasy that we can’t achieve in real life. That’s what porn is about.”

Bridgetta said she’s had experiences where a male friend would see a certain scene then try to recapture it and be disappointed and be disillusioned.

“They think this is what I want and this is what I’m going to get.”

“And Tom Cruise doesn’t fly real helicopters,” added Lynn. “It’s not realistic thinking.”

Lynn conceded that people think porn stars are not human beings.

“They really see us as people who live this life, but we are actors. We work very hard to portray for the viewer that fantasy that we are creating for them. It is a movie.”

Lynn said in her addiction she got lost between her every day self and her porn star persona.

“At some point the personalities got blurred. My addiction had nothing to do with the fact that I was a porn star. People that are addicts are often attracted to the industry because it provides that vicarious thrill, and the addict is always looking for the instant gratification, ooh, that feels good right now. I’m having that orgasm. I’m having that first hit.

“Ooooh, I’m getting off on this thing. What we’re trying to do is get out of pain and we’re trying to get into good feelings.”


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