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Ginger Lynn Introduces Amber Lynn as Her New Co-ho

Ginger Lynn welcomed a new co-ho to her show Monday night in the name of “her evil twin-sister” Amber Lynn.

Ginger and Amber are also serving as judges for the Hustler Can You Be a Porn Star shoot and had some of the contestants on their KSEX show. “As far as I know it’ll be on Direct TV,” said Ginger. “Not to be confused with Ginger Picks where you can post your photo to be a porn star.”

Ginger reported that the fourth installment was just finished. “We have four girls in each episode; four times seven is 28 girls. The girls have to compete to let us know if they’re porn stars.” Noting that it was a cold day, Ginger did a way-back-when discussion of shooting conditions.

“You do what you do whenever and wherever you do it,” said Ginger, noting that there was passion missing in many of the girls. “There’s a $100,000 prize.” Amber said it was a long time before a hundred thousand dollars was ever involved in their respective careers. Ginger remembers doing $200 scenes at the beginning of here career. “That wasn’t my rate but there were times when I did work for that. And I gave it everything I had.” Amber remembered $125-$150 shoots. “In the cold, in the back yard. We didn’t have Viagra.” Ginger hastened to point out that female performer don’t need Viagra. Amber was making the point that there was no wood on the Can You Be a Porn Star shoot, male or female.

Ginger, who was going to introduce the installments four girls, said they were drop dead gorgeous. Amber agreed. “They had a fun competition,” Ginger went on to explain and introduced one of the show’s, “woodies,” Jack Lawrence, who’s been in the business about 6 months and has done 53 movies so far. Lawrence’s job, according to Ginger, was to lube the girls and provide them with lubed-up butt plugs. The butt plugs went in the pussies because the girls wouldn’t stick them in their respective asses, said Ginger. “But that’s a whole other issue.” Ginger went on to explain the elaborate pin the tail on the donkey game. “But nothing happened. I’m thinking these girls are so hot it’s going to be amazing but none of them…do you think they were maybe scared of the butt plugs,” she asked Amber.

It was Amber’s guess that they were intimidated by the production itself going on around them. “There wasn’t a character that was given to them; there wasn’t a script. So they had to be themselves.” Ginger said Amber was being too kind. Amber and Ginger went on to elaborate how they would improvise, back in the day, Amber mentioning that she got in the business via Jamie Gillis. “He was a big panty-boy.”

A panty-sniffer in his own right, it was also Lawrence’s contention that there was lack of enthusiasm on the shoot. “Maybe they had conceded, oh, this girl is prettier than I, she’s probably going to win. From what I hear it’s not going to be so much on their looks it’s going to be their motivation.” Lawrence also claims to have written an unpublished book about extended female orgasm. “That’s why I got into porn- I couldn’t sell the book. Because I’m not an M.D., and they thought I needed an M.D. after the author’s name to sell the book in this economy. So I figured I’ll get into porn and eventually get someone’s trust to do an instructional video and I’ll tie the book to the end of the video.” Lawrence, who recently moved from San Francisco, said he was also a fire evacuee.

Similarly, Ginger said she had an anxiety attack. “We were told to be prepared. I had to go through and get my stuff out. The fire was seven miles to one side and 10 to the other. I was running around my house like a mad woman. I was crying.” Lynn said she was looking everywhere for her son’s first tooth. “It was like the silliest thing but I was so obsessed with this silly tooth.”

Ginger and Amber then gave a mutual demonstration for the KSEX webcam viewing audience on how porn stars do it. Ginger said she didn’t think one girl got her lips messed up during Monday’s shoot.

Ivy, 23, was one of the contestants. “I’ve always wanted to be a porn star,” she said. “I’ve always loved watching pornos and thought this would be a great opportunity to step into the business. I’m doing everything I can do to get there.” Camille, another contestant, is 25 and from the Czech Republic. “I love women’s bodies and I want to try and have sex with girls,” Camille said she only wants to work with girls because she’s in a relationship with a man. She’s never had a relationship with a woman of-camera. Then there was Lillian, 20, described as a “lick-pig” who has amazing legs, according to Ginger. Finally there was Dusty, 19.

With some lesbian action in progress, Amber noted there was more energy going on in the KSEX studios than there was on the shoot.




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