Amore Flakes

Is there a specific penalty incurred when one KSEX peejay flakes on another? Chef Jeff is assessing those damages as he posts the following on

Porn Valley- I had scheduled a shoot today with former JKP contract star Alexis Amore. Granted it was a content trade, however, I still made time in my busy schedule to shoot her today. I was excited, she’s a beautiful model and we’ve been friends for a few years. She was my very first co-ho on my very first show, Recipes for Sex.

Alexis called me several days ago to confirm our shoot, so it was a little bit surprising that she flaked today without even calling to cancel. Now that’s what I call flakey. What makes it even more ironic is the fact that we talked last week about the ins and outs of directing. Alexis is directing for Anabolic. She shared with me some of the frustrations of dealing with flaky models, and now here she is being a flake herself.

No phone call, no email, nothing, just a plain no show. If I know Alexis, I’m sure I’ll here an incredulous story about why she couldn’t make the shoot nor why she couldn’t call and cancel. Fuck, I hate when my time is wasted.



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