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Redd Rose Girl Kayla Marie Flakes

Nicki Hunter posts on I was shooting at Remmet Studios when Kara Bare swooped in to save my scene with fabulous Felix Vicious and Sascha when Kayla Marie (Redd Rose talent) flaked with a no call, no show. Tim Meyer from Naughty Talent had Kara there in about 20 minutes, way to go! Current whereabouts of Kayla Marie still unknown. Also noteworthy for guarenteeing an excellent scene are Lexi Love, Lexi Bardot, Jenna Presley, Christie Lee, Faith and Amber Wild. All had great attitudes and excellent energy. Also, even though this website if mostly for talent, if anyone is interested in a great production manager, Jim Orlando is dynamite! (Hustler paperwork specialist and excellent handyman 805-479-6562)

PS – I wanted to write this a while ago…… Ice La Fox and Alexis Lynn showed up on my set, wanted to get something to eat, then never returned with no call and absolutely no excuse. It was completely unprofessional, and I will never hire them again. If you do, you should keep your leash handy.

> I spoke to Ron Sullivan aka Henri Pachard Wednesday afternoon. Sullivan has been out of the hospital [the UCLA Medical Center] a week. He went in for oral-reconstructive surgery. Sullivan was in the hospital five days and out sooner than was expected. “I heal pretty fast, apparently.”

“I’m getting stronger every day,” Sullivan goes on to tell me. “But I don’t talk so good any more- my tongue is numb. I think they took a piece of it out.” According to Sullivan, the doctors also took a bone out of his leg and put it in his jaw. Sullivan talks about missing half his face as a result.

“I’ve had a lot of procedures,” Sullivan notes, indicating that he also had a tracheotomy and is being fed through a tube in his stomach.

For now, Sullivan isn’t driving and is bored out of his skull, he says.

Sullivan’s been a smoker over 50 years and got the type of cancer usually reserved for drinkers and smokers.

“It’s called squamous cell carcinoma,” he says. “It’s prevalent among smokers and drinkers. I smoked two packs a day for half a century.”

Sullivan begins radiation treatments on the 21st.

“It’s going to be tough for awhile, but I’m too mean to die,” he says.

Sullivan’s been receiving lots of calls from well-wishers.

“It’s nice to get those calls.”

> I was supposed to have a 1 pm lunch with Taylor Rain Wednesday afternoon at Jerry’s Deli, but Rain was a no-show. I called Keith O’Connor, who set up the interview which was going to be a career retrospective because Rain announced this week that she was retiring. O’Connor’s asking me how the interview went. I said it didn’t, that Rain never showed. O’Connor’s acting like he can’t believe his ears saying that he had talked to Rain right before one and she was apparently on route to the deli. Voicing even more concern, O’Connor said he was trying to call Rain, but she wasn’t picking up the phone. Also of concern was the fact that Rain, according to O’Connor, had a check for Norman Bentley who began shooting the company’s movie Runway in Hollyood today. I had planned on covering the shoot but switched gears to accommodate the Rain interview.

> Ashley Blue posts on I have already been out to a very, lovely dinner with Mr. Tusion and we are planning on date #2 to happen this week. Aside from being choked to death and peed on, it was a completely enjoyable time. He can be quite charming! I think I can honestly say that I am the only Meathole that he has ever been on a romantic date with.

> posted on

1.)This company is in the Green. 100% Debt Free

2.)You will own the rights to all our intellectual property which includes the masters to all our movies, archive footage, photo shoots and a remaining inventory of 12,000 DVD pieces. All paid for. All yours. The intellectual property along with the remaining inventory is worth over $350,000. Remaining inventory of DVDs are all current, all shot and produced in 2005.

3.)A complete set of movie making equipment. Including two Panasonic DVX-100As, Ariflex lighting system, Sennheiser sound recording system, boom, portable lighting system for cameras, complete soft-light kit, steady-cam, C-stands, sandbags, custom made cases for both yours cameras and much more.

4.)An industry editing system. State-of-the-art system which you will need to edit either your archive footage for compilation re-release, or for your future projects.Our entire fleet of corporate office equipment delivered to where ever you please. Including premium custom made computers, printers, etc…5.) An invaluable list of nearly all Distributors-Wholesalers/Adult Bookstores, and International customer network. This network of distribution is used by other Adult companies such as Red Light, Vivid, Wicked, Adam & Eve, etc..

6.) A pre-paid credit with an Adult Entertainment Lawyer with over 25 years experience.

7.)An established real estate network which allows you to use upscale locations for your future shoots. These locations can be seen in television shows and movies. One such location can be seen in MTV’s “Kill Reality.” Other houses are used by rappers like Ludicris as party houses and much more.

8.)A pre-paid marketing network aimed at maximizing distribution sales. All paid for. Just hop on the bandwagon.

9.)Residual royalties from established VOD and rental companies like and XrentDVD. Paying you to use the rights to your movies.

10.)An established relationship with all your favorite and current Adult Stars. Company records include there real names, addresses, phone numbers and other personal information. These records are kept because of Federal laws.

11.)An established relationship with Playboy XM satellite radio. A relationship which will also be passed onto the new owners for future marketing needs.

12.)An instructional course in Adult Entertainment from a professional Adult Entertainment Director. You will learn everything you need to know to direct and produce the very best in Adult Entertainment.


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