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Aria & Lee Stone Debut on KSEX

Porn Valley- It was biceps at 20 paces Monday night as Aria and Lee Stone made their KSEX, debut. As you might expect, Aria, an ardent bodybuilder, had a lot to say about her placing second in the Nationals last week which not only entitles her to a pro card but an opportunity to compete for the Ms. Olympia title.

Aria and Stone – a former competitive bodybuilder in his own right who’s her trainer- just got back from New York where the contest was held. Though she placed second, Aria said it was like winning in her book because she got her pro card and the opportunity to go for the big bucks, as Stone put it.

Laughing, Aria said she was going to take one week to gloat and celebrate besides chowing down on cheesecake and pie. “Then I’m back in the gym. I’m in the gym anyway.”

Aria said it was her first time in New York taking the subway. “A little scary,” she said. “You missed the guy masturbating for me in the subway- that was a kind of different,” she told Stone. After the show, Aria said she and Stone had a shoot to do in the city. Aria said neither she nor Stone are noted for restrained sex scenes minus the vocal accompaniments.

“For some reason people think it’s funny when we have to do a scene- let’s put Lee and Aria out in the open- in the most obvious place we can possibly find.” Aria referenced a previous scene that she and Stone had apparently done on Hollywood Blvd.’s Walk of Fame. “I squirted on one of the stars,” she said. With that being said, Aria said the director in New York wanted her and Stone to do a scene that would include ATM and gaping in Central Park.

“Mind you, we’re in Manhattan,” said Aria who, according to her, was strutting around proud and ripped except for the fact that in most places they went, people were recognizing Stone and not her. Stone, displaying good radio voice, said the director, who usually doesn’t shoot porn people, got some great Woody Allen-style shots of them. “Walking through the park embracing- kissing under the bridge.” Not to mention the ever-popular running in slow motion shot.

To accomplish the shot, Stone said they went to a portion of the park where hundreds of people were laying out on blankets. “We walk into the middle of it and before we can do anything, the director is like what’s going on here. There’s a hundred people staring straight at you guys.”

Aria explained that they were dressed normal except for the fact that Stone had his shirt off. “And yet everyone was staring at us. The camera was small. It was an insignificant thing. I guess we drew more attention than we realized.”

The scene was subsequently moved to a loft said Aria. “In an open window. People in downtown Manhattan were looking up at us like we were nuts.” Stone said they were on the third floor so people could hear every fuck-fuck-fuck Aria emitted. “It was exciting watching Aria interact with the crowd screaming ‘yeah, yeah, that’s right stare at me while he fucks my ass.’ It was a true love moment.’ ”

Aria used that comment to ask Stone if he ever had sex in out in the open places. Aria rememberd once shooting a solo masturbation video in Times Square sitting in a cart. “I’m naked, I’ve got a raincoat on. I’ve got the raincoat pulled over my legs.” Aria was using a ten-inch dildo apparently fucking herself while a cop on a horse was giving her directions.

“He never figured it out- because I’ve never been arrested for sex.” Stone said he’s come close a few times but never arrested. According to Stone, the weirdest place for him off camera would have been in a Chevy Chevette. “Remember those?” Aria said it was before her time. “We were having sex driving down the highway,” Stone continued. “We decided to go to McDonald’s. We were driving through the drive-through.” Stone said he’s also had sex on park benches and picnic tables at a church.

Aria belonged to a youth group in high school. “They were above and beyond everyone I’ve ever met,” she said.”Everyone was getting it on with everyone in that group. It was swapping. It was a big clusterfuck. I learned a lot there.” For her, the craziest public place, though, was downtown Newport, Rhode Island where she grew up. “It was Labor Day weekend,” she recalled. Aria said while hundreds of people were walking around, she got fucked up the skirt on the top of her Chevy Cavalier. “Nobody knew. It’s not the same when they don’t know.”

Aria also indicated that this football season would be a problem because she’s a Patriots’ fan. “And Wankus- I love Wankus- but Wankus is a loser- he’s not a loser as a person but he’s simply a Dolphin’s fan. The Dolphins are losers.” Aria also forewarned fans that she may get obnoxious on Monday Night’s. “It’s probably going to happen so you might as well start dealing with it now.”

Aria wears seven or eight different Patriots’ hats and is likely to be wearing all of them one time or another during the season including shirts and jerseys. Stone said he’s not a particular fan of football. “I watch a few games here and there.” Aria noted that during the season the Dolphins meet up with the Patriots on Monday Night Football. “You guys are going to have three hours of Wankus, me and Lee having interaction about the game- all friendly. We won’t get obnoxious, violent or bitter if one of our teams starts to lose or whatever. But there’s only one so don’t worry. Aria said

Stone likes wrestling but he tried denying it. “Yes you do!” she insisted.

“Don’t put me there,” Stone replied. Aria told him to deny it but he couldn’t. “I’m watching Monday Night Football and he’s watching the WW whatever it is now,” she said.

Stone mentioned that he had been a dancer in Atlanta at one time [when WCW was big there]. “I had considered the option of professional wrestling,” he said. “It lost out to Porn 1. End of story.” Aria said porn is almost like wrestling.

“Remember the time you did the whole head slam on me? You picked me up over your head, licked my pussy for awhile. I was covered in oil and sweat. You did a great job.” Aria said Stone flipped her over in a pile driver. “Whoops. Sorry Aria.” Aria then hit her head on a cement floor. “I almost went out on that one.”

Stone reminded her that they did a wrestling video together one time. “You did have me a few times.”


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