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Ashley Blue Ditches DP Tonight for KSEX

Porn Valley- If KSEX is accepting nominations this early in the year for a Best Show award, put down Ashley Blue’s appearance on Chef Jeff’s show Tuesday night. Besides the fact that Blue ditched a scheduled appearance on the DP Tonight Show last evening which made it all the sweeter for KSEX, Blue proved first and foremost to be an accomplished mistress of wit. A female Quasarman if you will, with give-and-take zingers ever at the ready on the tip of Ashley’s tongue [as the accompanying photo well attests].

Blue, if you don’t know by now, was named Female Performer of the Year at the AVN Awards Show Saturday night. Jeff asked where her award was. Blue said she forgot it. “I thought that it would be totally gay if I were driving around with my fucking award on the passengers side. Like the seatbelt wouldn’t fit on it.” Blue then said she hit someone during the day with her car. “I thought it was going to be my record- okay, it’s been 11 months since my last accident and I was going really strong. And then I hit some lady.” Blue has lost count of the number of car accidents she’s been in.

Speaking of cars, Jeff mentioned that Blue did a movie called Cadillac Highway for Private [which she was supposed to have been promoting on DP Tonight, by the way.] Blue said it’s been rare for her to do features. “Just because I’ve been this little gonzo bitch for so long. So when I actually get something to read, it’s pretty cool.” Axel Braun was the director, Blue said.

“My character is this skanky whore who busts into this motel room and we have this big ordeal about my boyfriend. My boyfriend comes in and it’s Dick Smothers Jr. We all wind up having sex.” Blue said there’s also a scene where she gets d.p.’d in a jail. Blue said everything that could go wrong, went wrong. “We started the last scene like 4 in the morning and it didn’t end until 7. It was fucking brutal.” Blue thinks it was a mainstream crew working on it. “I don’t know where they were from. But it took forever. I don’t see how people can do mainstream movies. I’ve never wanted to be an actress, really. Porno was going to ruin my aspirations of being a big, Hollywood star? Fuck, no.” Blue said everything was like ten takes. “Everything is one more time, and 20 minutes is the magic number.”

In another instance, Blue said they shot at a studio downtown in Koreatown. “I saw the biggest cockroach I’ve ever seen. It was huge. I thought it was going to carry off craft services. I think it was wearing a T-shirt.”

Blue said there was a point that she was so shot-out from doing gonzo that her phone stopped ringing. Jeff didn’t think that should be an issue because everyone of Blue’s performances is great. “They really do care,” she replied. “It’s all about getting the new girl. I don’t think it’s any hard feelings but you’re not the new girl anymore.”

One of Blue’s hottest scenes, according to Jeff, is the one where’s she’s on a couch, holding her feet behind her. “You look like you’re hogtied and this guy’s face-fucking you.” Blue suspected that it was one of Skeeter’s movies. Jeff didn’t think so. [I think Jeff’s wrong.]

Jeff quoted some of Blue’s wisdom that, in order to be successful, you have to wake up before noon and know what the day is. Blue said she met that bromide halfway by getting up before noon. “I did not know what date it was, and I hit someone with my car.” Blue said she now wants to be successful because her award will prompt a huge ego. “And people are going to think I’m cool who hated me before.” Jeff was curious if people are going to be nicer to Blue or less, now that she’s won the award.

“What difference does it make?” she asked. Jeff asked if she was more likely to have male friends or woman friends. Blue joked about having girlfriends. “We get all gay all the time.” Jeff said he got a call from producers at the Judge Joe Brown show who were interested in dealing with Jeff’s dirty laundry acquired by his relationship with Sassy. Blue said she had a similar instance on Judge Mathis involving Trent Tesoro

Jeff said Sassy moved out of his house owing him $915. Blue said that’s a “lot of fucking money” to be owed. “You’re not a bank.” Ashley then went on to recount her blues with Tesoro. “They say however long you’re together it takes half that to get completely over it. It was two years.” Blue said she was so in love with Tesoro. “Why do you think I’m so pissed off? My face gets all red thinking about it.” Blue said Tesoro owed her three grand.

“We were together and shared everything- my money basically.” But Blue said she and Tesoro were so irresponsible and so in love that she didn’t keep track of the funds. “I did keep track of how much money I loaned him to get the fuck out of my house after he kept screwing all these other whores taking them on dates.” Blue was told that Tesoro would pay her back.

“People are always going to do something. They always have an excuse of why they didn’t. It never comes to facing the consequences and taking care of the things you did.” Blue won her judgment saying she had no shame about it. “I’ve had two gangbangs under my belt. I don’t care what the public thinks.” In similar fashion, Jeff said he’s willing to go on the show to get his money but doesn’t know where Sassy is at the moment.

Feigning the tea-time accent of a company contract starlet, Blue said she didn’t know whether she’d be doing hardcore. Just joking, Blue said she wasn’t looking for a contract and likes waking up after twelve. “Give a girl a contract and she’s going to wake up early and show up? It’s usually not even a piece of paper, is it?”

During a game of sex trivia, Blue took hilarious issue with Jeff over some of the questions and their answers, particularly about the plumper the male organ, the greater the ability to satisfy a woman. Blue wasn’t buying it that width beat length. “Where’s you reference? A box of shit cards?” she asked Jeff.



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