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Audrey Hollander Shot for Mayhem-update

Remember us telling you that Ariana Jollee wasn’t showing up to direct for Mayhem Friday? That part is true. Jolee, instead of keeping with her Mayhem commitment this past week elected to hook in London. When it was obvious that Jolee wasn’t going to be around, Hollander was called in Thursday afternoon by Mayhem to shoot the movie for them the next day. Skeeter Kerkove then wrote something on ADT to the effect that Hollander was brought on board by Mayhem to direct. However, some of this needs clarification and I spoke to Hollander’s husband, Otto Bauer, Sunday morning. First, this is what Skeeter posted.

Porn Valley- Skeeter Kerkove writes Awesome news!! Porn superstar, Audrey Hollander is now directing for Mayhem!!! Audrey is the real deal!By the end of today, Audreys first movie will be done! The movie is all group scenes, with double anal in every scene!

No expense has been spared. Mayhems current line up of directors has never, ever been better! For the fans of true hardcore, Mayhem is the gift that keeps on giving. Congrats to Audrey and congrats to Mayhem!!!

I have filmed Audrey Hollander over 20 times, I feel she is the best female performer in porn, she can do anything! She is really good at dialogue, she can act good. Bridgette gave her a big acting part in Babes Illustrated # 15.

I know Bridgette Kerkove has hired Audrey at least 15 times. Audrey is the Best New Starlet in porn, she just won an award in Belgium 2 weeks ago. Audrey Hollander rules all! Skeeter Kerkove, Porn producer, director, performer. I am a huge fan of hardcore porn.”

Bauer tells me he was directing his movie Supercore Thursday afternoon. “Later in the evening as I’m preparing to do my second scene, the last scene in the movie, writing checks doing all the things so we can get out of here, Jim Powers has Scott Justice on the line,” says Bauer. “Scott Justice apparently has an isue because Arianna Jollee has missed her flight out of London. She had gone to Scott Justice and sold him on the idea of her directing for Sin City. Good for her. Then she doesn’t turn up or whatever. The shoot is slated for the next day. They’re supposed to under way the next morning in Glendale.” Bauer said the way it was sold to him was like this. “Audrey’s not directing anything. She’s not hiring anyone. She didn’t set up any scenes. But she would be playing the part of a director in Audrey Hollander’s Anal Academy. I’m like fine, whatever. The next day Audrey and I turn up. She was going to do one scene. I was going to do two scenes. That’s the way it worked out except she did two scenes and was in every scene doing OTATM in order to make the shit hotter than fuck because she’s a 120% kind of girl.”

Truth be told, says Bauer, Jim Powers directed the movie. “Audrey is simply introducing the girls.” Bauer asks if this project sounds like something Hollander would direct. “Can you imagine Audrey Hollander scheduling herself to do her signature double-anal scene in a double-anal movie with me and Bad Boy as the signature scenes? She didn’t sign a deal memo or any kind of contract. She’s not directing for Sin City. Her directorial debut is in October for a line that she will start with the German’s backing called Super Pink.”



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