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A Blast from the Past; Now Back in the Business, Audrey Hollander Chats When She First Got into the Business; Her First Movie was with Ed Powers

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Audrey Hollander has booked her first scene since her return to porn with and plans on doing a five-man gang bang.

Here’s an interview I did with Hollander when she first got into porn. Hollander and husband Otto Bauer have since split up.

Porn Valley, January, 2005- I had the opportunity of chatting with Best New Starlet candidate Audrey Hollander on a Skeeter Kerkove shoot last week. Hollander’s married to Otto Bauer and during my interview with Bauer he gave the lowdown on how he met Audrey. But, for shits and giggles I asked her for her rendition.

Hollander said the love at first sight angle offered up by Otto is all true.

“I was on holiday with some friends,” she confirms.

“And we had just left a concert on an Indian reservation.”

Hollander says she then went to South Beach to stay with her girlfriend’s uncle in his condo. “The first night we were there we went out to Ocean Blvd. to a nice bar/cafe and have some drinks. Here comes Otto off of his flight from New York where he was watching a Jets game with his friend Robert. They were just walking down the street and they saw us.

“Our eyes caught. Hmmm. He looks good and I was hoping he was thinking the same thing. But he walks on past. Minutes later he comes walking by again and sits at a table nearby. I was waving him over. They came over and it was probably a matter of minutes and we were kissing. It was sparks.”

Hollander said she’d have been the first one to tell you that love at first sight is bullshit. “But it’s really not,” she gushes. “It happened without any warning. Neither one of us were at a point in our life where we were looking. Hollander admits that Bauer didn’t even have to open his mouth- that he could have just come over and taken her caveman style. Hollander says from that point she and Bauer stayed for about a week in South Beach together.

“We enjoyed the weather then headed back up north through Kentucky where I lived, to pick up my things. I moved to New York City to live with him.”Obviously, says Hollander, the courtship was a whirlwind. “It was wonderful.”

Gene: “Did you ever stop and ask yourself what the hell am I doing?”

On that question, Hollander says she’s always been a person to follow gut instinct and intuition. “From the beginning it was just a wonderful feeling with Otto,” she says. “I trusted him. You get a sense of the way someone looks at you and the way they act. And the way their personality is, whether you can trust them or not. It was an instant thing in every way for us.”

Hollander was 19 at the time, and I asked if she had had a serious relationship prior to that. Hollander is saying that she was too busy being young and going to college. Prior to the South Beach episode, I asked Hollander what might have been the craziest, most impulsive thing she ever did in her life. “Getting tattoos really young,” she laughs. “My first one was at 15.” Hollander also says she hadn’t been sexually active until she met Bauer. “I was interested in other things in my life. I was trying to grow up so to speak, find my way in the world.”

Hollander says her first sexual experience was with girls. “I was a cheerleader.” Which is probably enough said. “It was a cheerleader camp story,” says Hollander.

Gene: Was there locker room fooling around and nude shower scenes.

Hollander says you can only imagine. “It’s almost like you have a group of girls that are sitting around, drinking some Schnapps,” she says. “It’s not like we had any hard liquor. We were girlie cheerleaders with Schnapps and cigarettes sitting around being curious. We started with kissing and a little touching.”

Gene: This was like a cheerleader camp with barracks?

Hollander says that is correct.

Gene: So you started fooling around and kissing and getting naked?

“Yeah,” she says. “Lipstick lesbians, all very beautiful athletic young girls.”

Gene: Is Otto the first guy in your life?

“Yeah, he’s really the first guy in my life,” states Hollander. “I was busy having a best friend opposed to a boyfriend. Girls were more of an influence in my life. I hadn’t done the furious relationship bit. It was more like let’s go to the weekend party that we can find. Of course there were crushes and things. All girls have crushes in high school but there was nothing that ever developed.”

Gene: Otto was saying that you found out by accident that he had been in some porno movies in the past but that you were cool with it.

“I was cool with it,” says Hollander. “I’ve always been open minded. That happened in the Village in the Horse Shoe Bar. We were having some beers and a nice evening and one of his old buddies who had known he had done a few scenes on the east coast for Candida Royalle and Rick Savage said are you still shooting scenes.

“There was this lingo I didn’t catch on to. I hadn’t even watched porn but he was asking me questions. I just kind of looked at him, confused. Otto, what is he talking about? He told me honestly and very open, and upfront, I’ve been in porn. I was like, wow. That’s cool. Let’s do it together.”

Gene: He said you guys had a video camera in the bedroom and practiced for the longest time.

“I did,” said Hollander. “I had to build confidence in myself.”

Hollander’s first porn movie was a Dirty Debutantes with Ed Powers.

“That’s a good way for getting your name out there,” Hollander feels.

“Then I moved on to Anabolic and did the circuit of different people.” Hollander says she wasn’t nervous being in front of a camera because, by that time, she and Otto had performed so many times in front of their own.

“I felt very comfortable.”

Gene: So what are you going to do with all that footage?

“Ah, that’s something you’ll have to ask Otto,” says Hollander.

Gene: You do the nastiest of the nasty and it appears to come very natural for you.

“It really is,” say Hollander. “I like being nasty. I think it was hidden inside me and Otto just brought it out.” Then I asked Hollander what doing anal was like for her the first time.

“I felt like I had to go potty,” laughs Hollander. “Just like any other girl starting off in the anal sexual lifestyle. It was a little uncomfortable at first. But right away I got into it. I started playing with my clit a lot. I wanted it because I knew Otto wanted it. I also wanted to do it because it’s different; it’s dirty. I want to make the man go crazy for me.”

Gene: How do feel about being nominated for Best New Starlet?

“I’m really honored,” says Hollander. “I’m so glad that, regardless of the fact that I haven’t been out there- like- work, work, work like a lot of the girls who have been nominated. It’s just off the merit of me giving 110% for every single scene that I do. It makes me very proud.

Gene: You and Otto hold the distinction of both being nominated, he for Best New Male Star.

“I’m very proud of him,” says Hollander. “Because it’s harder for a guy in this business. He stepped right in and showed everybody that he can do it. I’m saying that I came in and there’s nothing you can do to me that’s going to surprise me. I’m ready for it.”

Gene: Of all the things you’ve done is there one scene that stands out in your mind as the really cool scene?

“You’re only as good as your last scene,” says Hollander.

“Each time I feel like it just gets better and better. I get more experience and try new things. This last scene that I just did with Selena Silver and Otto Bauer was just amazing. I got to do the up and over with a strap-on while I was getting fucked in my ass. It was an amazing shot. As far as a threeway goes, it’s hard for a guy to maneuver two girls in a scene and make it really hot and make it flow. I believe we achieved that energy. You know you’re having a lot of fun in a scene when it’s over and you’re like, what? It’s over. I don’t want it to be over. I try to make every one of my scenes the best. It’s the only way to go. If you’re going to do it, do it with everything you’ve got.”

Gene: How does your family feel about your career?

“They’re not aware yet,” laughs Hollander. “At least I don’t think so. No one’s mentioned anything yet. Hopefully they’ll be open minded. Because it is a career as you say.

Gene: Is it possible they have found out and haven’t let on?

“That’s the thing,” says Hollander. “I think my family is a little too honest. I don’t think they could keep their mouths shut about it because they’re too into family drama with something that big coming up. I don’t think it’s something they could hold back.”

I asked Hollander if she grew up in a strict household. “It was pretty strict,” she notes. “My parents were liberal in the sense of they weren’t my grandparents. It was as long as I was making good grades and not getting into trouble with the law that they’d let me make my own decisions growing up. Hopefully they’ll see this as a career choice. I was a good kid. I made good grades”

Gene: You completed college?

“Yes,” says Hollander. “I completed. Loyola University. I have a degree in Elementary Education.”

Gene: Do you want to teach at some point?

“Mainly my own kids when I decide to have them,” answers Hollander. “If a teaching career comes up and I decide to pursue that at some point in my life, I think that’s what I’ll do. But right now this is what it is for me.”

Gene: Do you have any long range plans for this business?

“Staying in it,” laughs Hollander. “And enjoying it and having fun with my ass while I can. When my ass is no more fun for people, then playing with other peoples’ asses. I’m just trying to have fun and stay with it. This is the career that both Otto and I feel very comfortable in. Not only is it fun and interesting but it will keep us going for many years to come.”

Gene: You must have some very interesting shop talk at the dinner table.

“We definitely do,” says Hollander. “A couple of perverts!”

Gene: Porno relationships are acknowledged as tough to maintain. Have you encountered any of the usual bullshit?

“Yeah, there’s drama,” Hollander concedes. “There’s always drama. In anything in life that you’re going to do you’re going to find people who’ll want to dramatize something whether it’s big or little.”

Gene: Have you found instances where people have attempted to pull you two apart?

“A bit,” says Hollander. “I’m not going to be a gossip myself, but we’ve run into a couple of people who couldn’t quite grasp or like the fact that we’re so strong together as a couple. I guess it’s just an instinct for weaker people to want to break apart a strong link.”

Gene: Sexually what’s your biggest turn on?

“My biggest turn on is anal sex,” says Hollander. “It’s my thing. I love it. I cum really good from it. It’s much more intense of an orgasm.”

Gene: Do you do any special preparations?

“Of course,” says Hollander. “I enema. I make sure I do it before I get on the set, though. I like to enema in the privacy of my home. I eat just like a normal person. I live just like a normal person every day. And then the morning of the shoot I get up and prepare my bottom with as many enemas as necessary depending on what was consumed the day before. About 4 am I get up on a shoot day so I make sure my butt’s tidy. Because if I expect anyone to eat out of the crack of my ass, I want to make sure it’s clean. Professional ethics. That is what it is.”


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