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Autumn Rayne Gets Bum Check

Porn Valley- Up until today I haven’t had the opportunity of talking directly to Autumn Rayne. But as of our Thursday conversation I walk away with the impression that she’s a very nice person. All the more grievous then, that, not only did Autumn get screwed out of money by taking a job, she got screwed more royally in the sense to discover that the two guys she worked with had counterfeit PCR-DNA tests.

Rayne, who lives in North Carolina, did the shoot in New York about four weeks ago for Ebony and, according to her. The shoot was for $2500. “So I was not surprised that they gave me a check,” she said. Except that it turned out to be the lycra spandex of rubber checks. “It was a cashier’s check or so it appeared to be,” Rayne said.

Since the shoot was on a weekend, Rayne, check in hand, waited until the banks were open on Monday. “We took it to the Commerce Bank [in New York] and they said there’s something not right here. They told me this bank doesn’t exist. I said sure it does, Commerce Bank, Lake Success, New York 11724. They said it could be a Commerce Bank but it wasn’t from their branch. They pulled up the routing number and said it was off some bank in Missouri, this is not from our bank.”

Rayne then want to a couple of other outlets to get a second opinion. “I couldn’t understand what the problem was. They all had different opinons. One guy sat me down and said Miss, I’m sorry but this appears to be counterfeit. My eyes got really big. What!? I said it has a watermark and everything. He said I’m sure that you did not knowingly try to cash it. I explained that I was a performer and he said it looks like someone did you wrong.”

After they got home, Rayne’s husband called NYPD. “We faxed the detective in the investigation the check.” The cops, according to Rayne, told her husband that another girl complained about the same thing a month ago and that the two incidents appear related.

Rayne said she was first contacted by [email protected]. “They said they had seen an ad of mine that was on Adult Staffing. They said we like the way you look. You’re not the typical blond girl. You have red hair. Would you consider doing a double-penetration film in New York. We’ll pay for your expenses, etc. and $2500. I wrote back and asked for references.”

Rayne said she checked it out and must have talked to one of their co-horts because she gave them glowing references. “Oh they’re great.” Being a trusting person, Rayne figured why not and, besides, the company apparently had ads on Adult Staffing.

Rayne said she drove to the shoot- a 7 hour trip. “But they were paying for travel and lodging. They aready had the hotel [The LaGuardia Marriott] reserved for me. There was no problem checking in. They had pre-paid the room in cash, apparently.” Once she had checked in Rayne said she called the Ebony casting guy, Steve Strong. “He said we’ll be over around 1 pm.” Rayne said the guys showed up to shoot in her room. “They showed me test papers.” Rayne said they looked like PCR-DNA tests.” Rayne has a copy of one of them but notes that both tests showed the performers being negative. “It all looked legit,” she says.

Rayne said for some reason she had an impulse yesterday to call Quest Diagnostics, the lab listed on the tests. “I don’t know why that came into my head but I went on to their website. I contacted them. The guy said what is the customer number. I said there is no customer number. There’s a policy number and something called the CDDC number but I don’t see a patient number.” Rayne was requested to fax over the test. She was told that the test was not theirs. “He said this is not ours- I’m sorry. These guys printed this up somehow and took our logo. This is not right.”

Rayne was given the number of someone in legal and explained the situation. Legal also confirmed that the test was a phony. Rayne then went to her doctor’s office and explained the situation to him. Her doctor that he wasn’t going to test her for at least another two weeks, that he wanted Rayne 45 days out. “If we do it too soon we might not get the right results,” Rayne said. “Basically I’m biting the bullet for the next two weeks.” Not to mention the $2500 she never got.

Asked the name on the test in her possession, Rayne said it was “John Brown.” I asked Rayne if his partner-in-crime had been John Smith.

“At least I feel some satisfaction that the NYPD has heard of similar cases,” Rayne states. “Maybe they can trace these guys.”


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