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Autumn Rayne Talks About Summer Haze Feud

Porn Valley- The Sports Swami had Autumn Rayne, on his show Friday and you know he had to go there. Among many questions which included Rayne having EbonyonIvory’s Steve Bonhomme arrested, he asked Rayne about her feud with Summer Haze. Swami wanted to know, if anything, what Rayne did to anger Haze.

Rayne didn’t think she did anything to Haze. “I met her at the East Coast Video show at a party. We weren’t friendly or anything,” Rayne recalls. “I didn’t know her. She was talking to somebody. I was busy mingling and started shooting a film at the party.”

Rayne said the only thing she could think of that might anger Haze was the fact that at one point after ECVS, Rayne’s husband contacted Haze per a recommendation from someone else. “Apparently she had some beef with a guy that I shot with at the East Coast Video Show- Diego- Brandon Steele. But now she claims he’s her friend so I don’t understand the whole situation. I don’t understand where she got all this anger from. I’m not going to say I’ve been the nicest person to her, but she attacks me personally.”

Rayne said, as a woman, her tendency as a woman is to fight back. “But I didn’t attack her.” Rayne noted that Haze got on her case about having some bad teeth. “I had my teeth re-done. They look great now. But I really don’t know what her problem is 100%.”

Swami said he was willing to take the blame for the fact that he got Haze started.

“And she just went on a roll,” he said. “One of the things was the whole website that you took pictures from when you were 25, posted them on there and that you don’t look like what you really look like. She went to town on that issue.”

Rayne said the pictures on her website are exactly what she looks like right now.

“The pictures from the East Coast Show or the blond pictures from my old pay site, that’s what I looked like at ECVS,” Rayne continued. “I didn’t look that good. I admit that I didn’t. But when you have a family and you’re trying to pay the bills and stuff and you’ve got you’re husband working too and you’re trying to buy a home, things fell by the wayside. I got my shit together and I’m happy. If she doesn’t believe they’re [the pictures] are real, she can see me face-to-face at the next convention then she’ll feel stupid. I feel sorry for her because I don’t want her to feel stupid. She’ll look at me and say oh she does look like her pictures! Well no kidding. I’m not going to put up ten year-old photos.”

Rayne, who’s 34, said if she put up pictures that old she wouldn’t have boobs. “I didn’t have a breast job until 1997. There’d be a lot of differences. I was a 32AAA. That’s as flat as you can get.”

Swami said the whole thing was turning into a catfight. “She [Haze] is a tough woman. She’s a former pro wrestler. She is tall. She is big. She was threatening bodily violence- the steel chair and power bombing.”

“What did she say to you because I didn’t hear that part of the show?” Rayne asked. “What exactly did she say to you?” Swami said he asked Haze if she had to put someone through a steel chair who would it be. “She responded with you and putting you on top of Green Lantern and power bombing you through a table. I guess she doesn’t like you. Don’t be invited to Christmas parties with Summer Haze and Craig Valentine.”

Rayne said that would be okay because she wouldn’t attend one.

“I was trying to explain to her in the past that she can bring on whatever measures she wants to at these conventions and try to hurt me, bodily or otherwise,” Rayne went on to say. “She’ll go to jail. I don’t care. I’ll have her and Craig arrested. It’s not a big deal to me. I’m not going to fight back. In my past when I was younger, before I was ever married, I dated a man that was much bigger than her that was physically abusive to me. So I was hit by a man. So bring it on. If you want to hit me, hit me but you’re going to jail. Be prepared to go to jail.”

Rayne said you’ll learn that you don’t mess with her. “I might be small but I pack a punch if I have to.” Rayne said, however, that she doesn’t want any physical confrontations.


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