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Batman: Free Speech Raises Over $1500 for MDA

Porn Valley- In place of Monica Mayhem, Linda Roberts was fill-in co-host for Tony Batman on KSEX Thursday night. During some small talk, Batman noted that he’ll be appearing in his third porn movie, Malibu Moms. But he wasn’t sure of the title.

“It’s rich older women,” said Batman who asked the producers if he might get a “daughter” to fuck. So they wrote that into the script for him. Batman conceded that he wasn’t male talent as much as a “big mouth on the radio.”

“I think the other times I got real drunk and it worked out for me.” Batman also said he gets loads of inquiries from guys who want to get into the business and offers the age-old answer: find a hot girl and partner up with her for sex scenes.

“But if it’s your real girlfriend or fiancee most likely you’re going to lose her,” he cautioned. “Because that’s what porn does. Her star’s probably going to rise a lot faster than yours. It takes a long time for guys to get established in the business.”

Batman noted that Roberts & Frank Castle put out the movie New Neighbors and that he’d be talking to Castle later in the program about it.

In other business, Batman reported on the Gia Givanna controversy and the fact that Chris King said she smelled like ass.

“I thought she was a real sweet, hot girl,” said Batman. “In fact I was chasing after her for awhile.” Roberts said she wanted to hear more about the smelling like ass story, whereas Batman thought Givanna smelled pretty good at the last porn party. Batman also reported on the MDA walk last Sunday, noting that since the telethon he’s become an MDA junkie and is hooked on volunteering for whatever is needed.

“I don’t care if I haven’t slept in four days, I’m there,” he said. According to Batman, the event was a walk/run/bike event.

“There was a bunch of kids in wheelchairs and they did the 3.1 miles which is 5K,” he said. “The thing is we were going down there but I had to do a party the night before. I was hosting a porn party and we didn’t get home until 3:30 in the morning.”

Batman said he didn’t want to oversleep because missing an event like that meant you were a complete asshole.

“There was no way you could come up with an excuse that would be good enough.” Batman noted that Mayhem and Jasmine Byrne were going with him and everyone took a subsequent cat nap.

“7:15 in the morning, I’m still sleeping,” he said. “Little Jasmine Byrne comes in my room and starts poking me- hey, we got to get up and do something for the kids. I was going to oversleep!”

Batman noted that Bob from Dane Productions was there as well as Dino Bravo and Free Speech was able to raise $1,540. Batman said no one felt like running and it was Byrne who poked everyone to start running to win.

“I was sucking down Jack & Cokes three hours ago, honey,” Batman told her, noting that he wound up running the distance.

“Bob and Dino, go, go ahead guys and they walked the entire time. After we all got done, there was a little carnival-thing and they had cotton candy and pop corn- it was great; I felt so good that day!” Batman said once you become involved in events like this, you’re hooked.

“And I believe Jasmine Byrne signed up to become a counselor at the summer camps,” he added.

Givanna then called in. She was asked where this thing between her and Chris King came from, and she said she had no idea.

“All I know about a month ago,” Givanna continued, “somebody said to me and Chris came to me and said, ‘people are saying I’m practicing anal with you.’ I laughed about it and when confronted to me, I said it’s bullshit. I mentioned that I was buying a kit for myself and was doing it. Everybody knows that Chris and I are friends and that’s the only way I can put the two together. But me and Chris laughed about it. I said, whatever. I spoke to Chris a week and a half ago and we were on great terms. There were no problems. Then I wake up this morning and read this horrifying thing on Adultfyi that had me in tears. I had the worst day. I am very, very hurt. And the whole thing about the car is just ridiculous. I wish I could buy myself a car right now. No one’s buying me a car- I feel like I stepped back into high school.”

Givanna said she was hurt because King had been the closest person to her in the business.

“And for him to say something like that- I understand he may be frustrated that people are running their mouths- but Chris should have called me. For him to say something mean like that, that I stink like shit, c’mon now.”

Batman offered the fact that maybe King was getting twisted stories from people. Givanna remembered King the first time she met him telling her to stay away from the drama and gossip.

“This is a competition against everybody- people are always going to try to say something to knock you down and this is a typical case of that exact thing. That’s just ridiculous,” she stated. Givanna then said she had great respect for King and noted how he would give her rides to the airport when she was going to visit her family and get her through some of her down times.

“He has walked me through this business so far in the past six months- he’s been my security blanket and that’s why I’m so hurt about this, that somebody pushed him that far and he had to go and degrade me like that and make me feel like shit.

“Everyone who knows me and has met me knows I’m this fun-loving little girl who’s traveled 3,000 miles by herself to make it in this business,” added Givanna. “I love this business and I’m just trying to have fun with my life.”

Asked if she had talked to King since his comments last week on KSEX, Givanna said she had been calling him all day and that he won’t return her calls. Batman proposed to mediate the issue over a prospective lunch.

Roberts who knows King, as well, suspected that something else was at issue.

“He’s not a shit-talker,” added Batman. “He makes friends instantly with everybody. Something happened there.”


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