Good Grief Is This All Free Speech Has? Rob Black: Free Speech is a RICO Indictment Ready to Happen

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“The real power behind The Free Speech Coalition is Christian Mann who is also VP of Evil Angel,” Rob Black said on his Tuesday.

“It’s also controlled by Manwin. Marci Hirsch sits on the board, and you have Peter Acworth of who’s also done business with Evil Angel. Are all of these guys bound to the great power of Diane Duke?

“You’re telling me they can’t throw Diane Duke out. But Mike South, the corruption of bloggers, has conveniently left everybody off the hook, where last week, he put Christian Mann’s name in there.

“Now we’re looking at his post where he’s talking about Diane Duke and how she should be fired, but the board is too gutless to fire her. Mike South is trying to paint this picture that this Free Speech board- they’re all sitting there with the business looking as bad as it is – because Diane Duke has so much power. What would we do if we fired her?

“Our world would collapse? Let me explain this to the bloggers: here’s the problem. If not Diane Duke, who’s going to take over the corrupt system? Because her successor can’t say we’re going to fix things because this is a corrupt system. Diane Duke answers to Chris Mann, to Steve Hirsch, to John Stagliano. Steve Hirsch is the one who pays for the attorneys.

“Diane Duke is the face the business has always put on as the respectable person. If Diane Duke stands up and says I’m horrible, I’m quitting tomorrow, who does Free Speech put in her place? Chris Mann? It’s common sense.

“Diane Duke is the face of the machine that has to go. The entire machine has to go. If Sid Grief a distributor [pictured] is on the Free Speech board, why don’t they have IVD? What is going on? Who is going to step up when Diane Duke resigns? I guess when she resigns that’s it.

“She’s like Saddam- she goes and the world is a better place. I’m baffled. Diane Duke sits in that little room and goes, guys we’re in this shit together because I leave whoever comes in has to make a 360 change.

“Otherwise we all die together. This blogger Mike South he says Free Speech are gutless yes men. He acts like he knows what he’s talking about- better call Sid Grief the guy in the fishing vest to vote. Better call Marci Hirsch and have her vote. You better call Peter Acworth- I know you’re dealing with Cal/OSHA but we need your vote.

“This blogger is still trying to profess like he’s the voice of the business. What a fucking moron. ‘Free Speech should vote.’ Sid Grief is supposed to be a distributor? What does he represent? This know-nothing blogger Mike South wants a panel that involved Sid Grief to vote.

“Mike South is such a moron like he’s just found the Shroud of Turin,” Black stated. ‘There’s no doctors on APHSS.’

“‘We got to have a vote!!!’

“Sid Grief – you realize the fate of performer safety is in the hands of power adult moguls like distributor Sid Grief who takes three pieces, returns two and walks around in fishing gear at all the conventions.

“This is why we need government intervention, Mr. Hall. Because Sid Grief can rally the adult business for a vote of no-confidence and replace Diane Duke with Chris Mann, Peter Acworth…this is comical. It’s a comical list of possibilities.

“We now have two confirmed cases of HIV- you wouldn’t have known that from Diane Duke and it was all for this grand scheme of money. That’s what Mike South is telling you. That’s the story you believe and the information you rely on.

“That entire clique is a criminal enterprise. Diane Duke is nothing more than a front and the real brains behind it is Christian Mann, and the scheme blows up in the entire industry’s face. This entire Free Speech is nothing more than a RICO indictment ready to happen.

“It smells, it stinks, it reeks of RICO. We’re talking about more than two people engaged in a criminal enterprise for profit. John Stagliano is part of a conspiracy to misuse medical records and stealing money. How much of the Free Speech money goes to the Koretsky foundation or to car payments? Money trails put in all directions to nothing but the wretched taste of RICO. You don’t have to be a master lawyer to sniff it out. That entire board is nothing more than a giant RICO case.

“If Diane Duke takes the fall, the entire system has to be completely changed but they won’t do that. That’s what Chis Mann does- he’s a failure and a loser. He’s always been that and he always does that. He’s an orchestrator of the cover up. Chris Mann does nothing when two people test positive for HIV. People exposed to Cameron Bay are still working right now. How can this be? Christian Mann knows this is a ticking time bomb.”


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