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Ben English Presents Newcomer Jennifer Luv

Porn Valley- Voted Best Male Newcomer at the recent AVN awards, Ben English was a guest of Tim Case and Felicia Fox on KSEX Tuesday night.
Case noted that Fox has been working her butt off ever since the AEE show and just wrapped up a week of shows at the Spearmint Rhino in downtown L.A. Fox said it was great and loads of people from the porn industry came to visit her. Among some of the well-wishers were Guy Capo, Selena Silver, Gauge and Lisa Sparxxx.

“Just a ton of people came down to hang out and support you,” said Case. Fox said she also got to make out with Silver on stage. Fox had a 6am call time today for a mainstream pilot. Regardless, Fox said she has no mainstream aspirations. “I’ve been doing so much mainstream stuff lately, it’s really wild.” Fox has had both good and bad experiences on mainstream sets. “It’s long days and not as much money.” She didn’t go into detail.

Ben English was a guest on the first half-hour and brought with him newcomer, Jennifer Luv. Luv is on the boxcover of English’s first release for Powerhouse titled Intensitivity.

On the second half of the show, Case and Nick Hunter were scheduled to get their balls waxed. Fox said they read an article in Newsweek about the fad that’s sweeping the male nation. “It’s one of the new things that everyone is doing in L.A.,” she said. “The men are getting their balls waxed, supposedly, to make it more sensitive.” Case said they stopped by Sally’s Beauty Supply on the way to the studio to pick up some pre-waxed strips to remove body hair. “We also got some Nair for Men Hair Remover.” Case said as he’s gotten older, he started developing hair in places that he never wanted it. “Like my ears and back.”

As someone who might have a thought or two about hair, English was asked what it was like winning the award with Kurt Lockwood as his main competition. English said he and Lockwood felt the same way. “We expected that it would be one or the other of us. I think we both felt that if it wasn’t me, he deserved it and I think he felt the same. We knew whomever it went to, between the two of us, we both worked hard and were deserving of it.”

English is now doing some directing both for Wildlife and Powerhouse, and English was quick to concede that “Intensitivity” was a mouthful. “It’s a play on words.”

“Bobby Rinaldi at Wildlife came up with the name. It’s meant to convey the marriage of sensitivity and intense. But in the movie I’m casting beautiful girls/women, not teen girls. And my vision is that we’re looking more to girls that look like a Victoria’s Secret fashion show or some of the softer core that you see out there- very pretty girls. We take a long time with the tease. It’s upscale lingerie. You see this beautiful girl walking around in a beautiful location and you think, oh my God, she’s so hot. Wow. Look at her. There’s slow, sensuous stuff in the beginning but then the scene is hot and heavy. It’s hard-fucking.”

Fox was in agreement to get the hot, sexual, women back in porn, beyond the teen stuff. English said the first release is finished but not out yet. He expects it to be out the first or second week of February.

Luv notes that she was probably in the make-up chair two and a half hours for that scene. “They really, really put a lot of effort into making the women look beautiful,” she said. “I had a really good time.” Asked what other projects she’s done, Luv said the tape all of her friends seem to know about which outed her is Hot Young Tight Latinas from Red Light District. “I did Spring Chickens with Anabolic. I’ve worked with a lot of companies. I’m not good with names, I’m sorry.” Luv said she hasn’t done anal in her life. “If I do, I would never do it on video first. I would try it out.” Luv said she’s heard about some first time stories and that it’s not the most pleasurable experience.

Luv said her parents still don’t know what she does though she’s told her sister, her cousin and best female friend. Luv said she has a lot of guy friends but hesitates telling them. “One of them saw me on the Internet.” Luv said another saw her on a boxcover in a video store. Luv said the friend works at Footlocker so now she hesitates to buy shoes. “All the Footlocker people, they all hang out together. They all put on my tape and they’re all watching it.” Fox said she continually gets e-mails from old high school chums. Case laughed, noting that they all want bragging rights about how they banged you prior to the fact, even if they hadn’t. Fox described herself as a “cocktease” in high school. Luv said she had sex with two people her entire life, including a boyfriend for four years. “Everyone was surprised with me,” she claims because she had the reputation for being “Little Miss Innocent.”

Asked how she got into the business, Luv said she had the intention of applying for a minimum wage job when she was approached by Roy Garcia. “But he never mentioned anything was with porn.” Luv said it was the money that finally made her change her mind to do it.

English noted that while the money is nice, if you don’t enjoy the sex, you won’t last long in the business. Before he got into the adult business, English was in the music business. “I used to tour with a lot of bands.” English said his involvement in adult was part time before he gave up the music career. English also worked for Blondie and it was at that time that he participated in the Houston 500 gangbang. “I was number 100 if anyone cares,” English states. “That was the first thing I ever did in L.A.” While he tried to keep his participation a secret, English said it was discovered while he was in Florida where Blondie was on tour.

“They were about 15 minutes from going on stage and I’m the stage manager,” he continued. “I get a phone call to come to the dressing room. I thought why are they calling me to the dressing room at this time. Must be serious. Am I getting fired? I got to the dressing room and all the band is in there including Debbie Harry. I’m thinking this is it, I must have done something really bad. The tour manager says to me did you fuck a girl in Houston? I said, no. We had played Houston a week before, but, no. Are you sure? Yes, I have in my life but not on this tour. The band starts laughing and suddenly it clicks in my head. Who’s been watching pay-per-view in the hotel? That was the first time I got outed.” English said, instead, he was getting high-fives.

English agreed that there was an affinity between porn stars and rock musicians. “But the music business is becoming a lot more corporate and driven by accountants. Not all acts would be as welcoming of that open affiliation. I was very nervous about that.”

Case also gave his high-fives to English’s company, L.A. Direct Models. “They’re one of he few agencies out there that does everything right. Your girls are always there, always on time. If some reason your girl’s not going to make it, you’ll replace them with someone else.” Case said he couldn’t think of another agency in the business that gets such high marks from everyone you talk to. “It’s the truth. You guys have taken that whole thing to the next level. You guys have raised the bar for professionalism in that end of the business.”

Hannah Harper also joined the chat and said she particularly had a good time in Vegas because she had just turned 21. Fox noted that alcohol was banned on the show floor the first day. Case said there were too many girls flashing and the Liquor Control Board was there. “The Sands Expo Center could have lost their liquor license, and rather than risk that, they just shut off all alcohol sales.” case noted that Fox was signing for EvolutionErotica and wore a skirt with no underwear. “She’s climbing the booth to toss out videos and there’s guys looking up her skirt and taking pictures.”

Harper said one of her Sin City projects, Angels, is almost out. “Then I did a scene for Aurora Snow in Assploitations 2. That was fun. It was intense.” Harper said that was coming out in March. Harper said she asked Sin City if she could shoot for Mayhem, that a lot of her friends had been asking her that.



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