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Bethany Sweet-Vicky Vette on Dr. Susan Block

Porn Valley- Bethany Sweet from Seattle along with Vicky Vette from Atlanta were some of the guests on the Dr. Susan Block Show Saturday night. Block complimented Sweet stating that she looked old fashioned movie star-ish. Sweet explained that she was wearing something from Trashy Lingerie. Sweet, apparently, also comes equipped with the type of feet positively down the foot fetishist’s alley. She had a French pedicure, according to her. “For those of us who are high maintenance it’s really important to have the most anal-possible pedicure. It’s my little reward to the foot fetish crowd,” she laughed.

Grace, apparently Sweet is endowed a lot with. Because she has “athletic toes,” Sweet was asked if she had a background as a gymnast or swimmer. Sweet said ballet but that she gets some of her best workouts from sex. Asked how she made a transition from ballet star to porn star, Sweet cautioned against telling because her folks also live in Seattle. “We don’t discuss it,” Sweet said of her career and her parents’ knowledge of it. “But everybody’s pretty cool because I’m a responsible person.” Sweet said her career has been mostly about doing solo, glamour and nude work and that she tried living in L.A. for a year. “But it’s a tough town,” she states. “And I’m a big wussy after awhile.”

On an athletic note, Sweet said she discovered that a reverse Asian cowgirl- whatever that might be- is very good for toning your thighs. Even Block wasn’t sure what she meant by that.

“You’re on your feet instead of your knees,” Sweet said. From her all-American girl looks, Block assumed that Sweet might have been a cheerleader back in the day. But Sweet said she was more of a rebel. “Freakin’ cheerleaders- I’ll kick ’em all,” said Sweet. “You seem like a hockey player,” quipped Block at that remark. “You play a sport?” Sweet said she was both a hurdler and an equestrienne. Asked if she ever had sex on a horse, Sweet said, no, but that when she was 12, a girlfriend of hers came over. “I had a big pasture with barns. She dares me to ride the horse naked- I’m, like, only if you do. We were both out there riding horses naked in the rain.” Block suggested that someone should have been filming that. “We were not of age,” Sweet reminded her. “We swore never to tell anybody but next day at school- yeah- it’s all over. You rode your horse naked! But I can look back and say I’ve done a lot more.”

Block suggested that Sweet might enjoy having sex on a horse. “I’m a comfort person,” Sweet answered. “I’m all about being comfortable.” Block said she thought ballet people were all about being in constant pain. Sweet said that comes from parents yelling about getting dressed to go to class. Block found Sweet to be a fascinating person and asked what her aim in life was, if not to seduce the world. Sweet said she was very free and open. “I’d like a partner who is comfortable with himself and is interested in satisfying me,” she continued. Sweet mentioned that she is bisexual.

During the course of some small talk, Sweet said she was psyched to hear that Block had Avy Lee Roth on her show. “I didn’t know that David Lee Roth had a daughter.” Block explained that Roth had been a surprise guest on her show last week. “I couldn’t believe it. She looks like him. She sounds like him. She sings like him except completely naked,” said Block. Sweet said back in the Eighties she was a Van Halen fan nd had a crush on David Lee Roth when she was a young teenager. “I had his posters and pictures.” Sweet said she discovered Van Halen late in their Roth period. “I went and bought every single album that they had and then I bought all the music books so I could probably repeat almost any lyric from almost any song on any of the first five Van Halen albums.” Asked if she jilled-off, to Roth Sweet said she did. “But, as a budding artist, I drew a picture of how I thought he looked naked with big woodie and everything.” Sweet said she was happy to hear that Vicky Vette was going to be on as guest.

Sweet explained that she and Vette have a mutual friend, James, at Sweet said she told James she was looking into doing hardcore and James had suggested that she talk to Vette. “I was real appreciative because the things she had to say were very helpful- things like photo copy all your I.D. and all your tests. It was like a buddy system being grandfathered in.” Block described Vette, who was dressed in a go-go girl outfit, as the Viking Vixen and mentioned that this was the first time that Vette and Sweet had actually met aside from swapping e-mails. They started groping one another. Talking about Atlanta, Vette said there were a lot of swing clubs there. “But I’ve never been inside of any of them.”

Block asked Vette what religion she was raised in. Vette said she wasn’t raised religious. Block wondered how you could grow up in the south and not be raised in a religion. Vette said that was because she wasn’t raised there, that she’s Norwegian. Vette said her family moved to Canada first then they moved to the states. Vette, as everyone probably knows by now, entered the porn business at age 37 when she sent a picture to Hustler.

For her part, Sweet said she was raised with an ultra-religious family. “It was you will do this and believe this and think this.” Sweet said she was raised from Lutheran to Mormon to Catholic. “Porn is my therapy.”

Vette said she had an accounting and administration background before she got into the business. “I worked for a lot of large corporations. We lived a real double-life. During the day I was wearing a suit and my hair up in a bun, carrying my cell phone, my lap top and flying around and being all importan and everything. At night we’d be out at swing clubs licking pussy and doing d.p.s- things like that. In the end I got tired of hiding everything.”

A caller-in asked Sweet if she was raised with so many religions, how did she discover sex. Sweet said it goes back to being a rebel. “I was a clever child,” she said. “And my dad had a subscription to Playboy.” Chiming in Vette asked if he was the one who was real religious. Sweet said it was her grandfather who was staunch. “My dad wasn’t really religious. My grandpa [on her mother’s side] was and he inflicted it on the rest of us. It was a this is what you will think and feel- it was a real restrictive background.” Asked what religion he was, Sweet said she hated to explain it. “He went through all these phases- it’s too personal. He had a lot of really odd beliefs.”


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