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Bob from Dane: “Cleopatra…what a Businesswoman”

Bob from Dane Entertainment writes: Gene, just saw the article on Cleopatra…

What a businesswoman…she is a real hustler…the fans adore her, and she loves them back..she was at our booth for the 4 days, and she got the best response of any of our talent..

She really knows how to sell product, and herself as well. I would hire her back in a second, great personality, and great to look at. To dane productions, she really is a queen.

Bob wrote in earlier: Just got back from Vegas, and I am wiped out. If you saw the movie Monster-in-Law, Jane Fonda passes out in a dish of food. I did the same thing at my desk at about 2, my head hit the desk and I was out. I do not remember ever being so tired.

We drove to Nevada, (never again) with 3 porn stars, and also back. It will be emblazoned in my mind forever the conversation that went on between these 3, unbelievable. The show itself started out bad for us, as our spot was good, until a big bus, pulled in front of us and we were blocked off from the show. It took a day of aggravation to remedy this, and any business we would have done that day was gone. We were finally able, after heated exchanges with show personnel to secure a great spot in the middle of the floor.

We had our 3 girls there, and then others came over to say hi and wound up staying, so our booth was full of beautiful women all the time. Business-wise, it turned out to be the best show we have attended, as we made new contacts, and I spoke to all who passed by our booth. I would stop all the guys who were with girls and say,”first day at the show?, and when they answered I would say wow, look how lucky you got just coming here, all the while looking at the girl they were with. We had a lot of fun, and kibitzed with everyone.

As an old retailer, I used to be on my feet 12 hours a day all the time. Well, since I have been sitting on my ass these past 4 years, I cannot do it anymore. As some of the girls were with me in the same suite in Vegas, I did not get much sleep(not what you think), as they would talk and laugh all nite, and went through a king-size bottle of Patron, and Absolute in 2 days.

I only went to 1 party, as the mind said yes, and the body no. I was on the way to the AVN show, and dropped the girls off, and went back to the hotel to get some rest, as the next day was the long drive home, and I had to drop each girl off at their homes, so even though I left at 9, I arrived at my place at 7. I do not ever remember being so tired. The show seemed smaller this year, a lot of companies were absent, probably in suites doing their business.

I am happy Ed decided to get a booth, and bring talent to greet the fans. I believe in giving back, and those of us that worked the show know how important it is to these people who pay a lot of money, and stand in line just to get a glimpse and a hug from a star. It is their fantasy, and it is a good feeling to see them truly happy. So I sit here this Wednesday morning, writing to my friend Gene, telling you all about the trip, and slowly recovering from it. Also, 26 degrees is not my cup of tea, I am a California guy, and not used to that at all. The crew at Dane, Eddie, Liz, Ed, all worked to bring this thing to fruition, and it worked. The fans loved it, I made sure everyone who wanted a picture got one, and just seeing the joy on these guys and girls faces was payment enough for me to want to do it again, only next time, I will try and hibernate for a week or so before we go.

After all, we are not getting any younger. Til next time, stay healthy, Bob, Dane Entertainment.


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