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Brazilian Finger Pointing Suspect

Porn Valley- Based on some phone conversations I had this weekend, I’m more convinced now than ever that this whole HIV thing had its origins in Canada and not Brazil. Darren James, as you’ll recall, worked with Lara Roxx in Canada in February but all information we’ve been getting so far has been circling a date around March 24.

By the way, has anyone produced a copy of Roxx’s HIV test from that Canadian shoot in February? I’m told that James has allegedly confided in at least one producer that he’s worked for to say that he didn’t get HIV in Brazil. “I’ve done something I shouldn’t have done,” James is quoted as saying, James allegedly stating that he probably got it in Canada. Roxx, I’ve been told by another source, also worked as an escort in Vegas for awhile.

Which leads to a number of questions from the person who told me this story about James’ alleged dark secret. “No one’s pinpointing anything to Brazil, they’re just pointing a finger to Brazil and Brazil is saying fuck you,” my source tells me.

XXX: Regardless of what you read, the majority of people in Brazil still use condoms. But the ones who don’t, they won’t work without HIV certificates unless they’re a married couple. These tests must exist. I also believe this girl Bianca Biaggi [who James is supposed to have been in sexual contact with and is uspected of being HIV positive] is out of Rio, so I think TT Boy is working with people in Rio. Whether it’s different with them I don’t know. Maybe they’re all irresponsible, I don’t know. Maybe they’re the only ones who are.

But the culture down there is very, very HIV aware, and I would be surprised if anything I’ve heard about Darren James getting HIV in Brazil is true. It takes a lot of persuasion to get people down there to work without condoms. It’s not like there’s a bunch of whores down there that will do it and not care. They really care and they’re really aware. There are people down there in long term relationships that still won’t have sex without condoms. Did you know that their movies, by law, have to carry a warning on the front end saying use a condom when you have sex?

So there is government legislation down there about condoms. I don’t think it’s as stupid as America thinks, that Brazil is just a bunch of whores that want drug money so they’ll do anything. I don’t buy any of this. TT Boy would have to go down there, go against the culture, go against the way they do things and be so irresponsible to not have the HIV certificates. Because I don’t believe any girl down there would work without them.

My experience is that they’re nuts down there for documentation. The companies run down there like Americans, document-wise. The biggest company down there is Buttman and I don’t think they’re remiss.

There’s not a lot being said. Has anyone actually talked to TT Boy? Why? But if TT Boy and Darren James went to Brazil, contracted HIV, brought it back and infected the American industry why has nobody talked to them? Why is everyone’s opinion of value except theirs? Who knows what happened? They’re the only people that nobody’s talked to. I assume that everyone in the industry has had something to say except the only two people that know what happened. Why has none of this information be made public? Especially with the guy who’s got it thinking that he got it up in Canada. Is it because Brazil is further away and easier to blame?

[I mention to XXX that there seems to be discrepancies regarding Lara Roxx’s age.]

XXX: There’s only one person that would have a copy of her I.D.- TT Boy. Has anybody asked him? And why not? Seems very odd to me that nobody would ask the only people who know the answers. If Darren James has been telling this one guy the Canadian story then he’s been telling a few others the story. So there are some that know this whole thing is not right. Who else has Darren told?

Here’s one thing I’ve learned from my experience in the business that whenever anybody is being held accountable for anything, they run around screaming it’s not my fault, it’s not me. They say way too much to defend themselves. Here’s two guys that are being held responsible for shutting the industry down that have nothing to say. Why? Everyone else has something to say. There are dozens and dozens of people running around doing television interviews who know nothing about this but are being the voices of this situation and yet the only two people who know what happened have nothing to say. Nothing smells right about the Brazilian end of it. Sure there’s HIV in Brazil. There’s HIV in Wisconsin. But the concept of Brazil being a hotbed of disease doesn’t make sense to anyone down there. Nobody buys it.


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