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Breaking Down The Alex Gonz Bullshit Part 2 : The XBIZ Version

Last night we talked about the Mike South article on the Alex Gonz hepatitis C revelations. When you go to the XBIZ article about the Alex Gonz situation there is even more entailed and makes him look even more horrible.

XBIZ said:

“Adult performer Alex Gonz broke his silence on Thursday…”

Hear what they said there? Broke his silence on Thursday. Broke his silence of TWO MONTHS! Two months. That’s the longest fucking silence I’ve ever heard. That’s called missing.

Alex Gonz turned up yesterday from his exile of two months.

So right there XBIZ starts off with bullshit.

“…addressing the public allegations that he may have worked in sex scenes in recent months despite knowingly testing positive for hepatitis.”

But he DID knowingly work with hepatitis! In 2010 he was diagnosed with hepatitis C by a gray haired lady named Bobbi. But Bobbi said don’t worry about it, bro. Keep on working. So he worked.

But now that Lisa Ann outs him, he goes and sees four doctors. We’re not so sure about 2010.

“In a conference call set up by his agency, LA Direct Models, Gonz said that he does have trace levels of hepatitis C in his system, but medical specialists have told him those levels are so low that he has never been infectious. In addition, Gonz said he would never have considered working in porn scenes if he was.”

So guys, in 2010 he was diagnosed with it, he circumvented the system, and when Lisa Ann put him on blast he went into hiding. So how does that say he would never have considered working in porn scenes if he was? (infectious)

He wasn’t infectious dating back to when? He’s basically saying I have a disease, but I’m not infectious, so fuck you. And we all go, oh OK.

And listen to this. This is awesome.

“The 10-year veteran performer explained he didn’t know for sure when he may have first contracted hep C, but he believes it likely was when he was a newborn and needed a blood transfusion.   
“I’ve had it since I was born,” Gonz said. “I’ve never put anyone’s life at risk by doing anything harmful or dangerous.”

Oh, so now Alex Gonz says it wasn’t just in 2010 when he was diagnosed with hepatitis C, he’s always had hepatitis C. So you’ve had hepatitis C for 30 years and when Bobbi and Cutting Edge told you that you had it, you went “Oh my God. But it’s not infectious? OK!”

The three years later Lisa Ann asks for a hep C test, you freak out and go into hiding and re-emerge and say you’ve had it since you were a baby?

I guess this isn’t a big deal for anybody.

“Gonz’s hepatitis status became an industry-wide controversy when adult star Lisa Ann alleged that a guy she was booked to perform with on Aug. 11 was positive for hepatitis, but was still working despite the test result.”

“Not long after being booked to work with Gonz on Aug. 7, Lisa Ann said that he sent her a photo copy of his STI test electronically and she noticed it was from LabCorp. Tests from somewhere other than CET or Talent Testing Services (TTS) are not typical, Lisa Ann said.”     

“She told XBIZ that because it was unusual that Gonz presented her with a test from LabCorp, she was compelled to call both CET and TTS, receiving a verbal confirmation from both that he was “unavailable” to work.”

“Then she logged into the Free Speech Coalition’s Performer Availability Screening Services (PASS) database to check Gonz’s status, and saw it was listed as “unavailable.”

“She said at the time she believed Gonz was positive for some type of hepatitis because “it’s process of elimination, and plus other people knew about it when I talked to them.”

“The allegations sparked a week of back-and-forth statements and speculation about how Lisa Ann reached her conclusion, why Gonz was testing at LabCorp and whether he knowingly was working while positive for some form of the disease. But amid the flurry of allegations, Gonz chose to remain silent until Thursday.”

Assholes! He chose to remain silent for two months! He went into hiding! For two months!

“He said the reason he came forward on Thursday was to “settle the score and try to get my name cleared and let people know that I’m not the monster that I’ve been [made out to be].”

Two months later he’s there to clear his name.

You do realize if you all start sucking his dick you gotta start sucking on Mr. Marcus’ dick? Cause Mr. Marcus did the exact same thing that Alex Gonz did, assholes.

You ready for this?

“I did what I felt was the most responsible thing to do, to get away and take care of it on my own and go to real doctors and get a real determination,” said Gonz, who has no plans to return to performing in porn scenes, unless he is fully cleared of hepatitis antibodies.”

So Alex Gonz you tested positive in 2010. So the most responsible thing to do is what? Wait three fucking years to go to a doctor? You’re acting like you weren’t notified that you had hepatitis C three years ago!

“Gonz said he first tested positive for hep C antibodies in 2010, when AIM Healthcare was still the adult industry’s only performer testing facility. At the time Vivid Entertainment was asking for hepatitis B tests for talent working in its movies, according to the performer. After taking a second test at AIM in January 2010, Gonz said he was told, “You’re not in any danger. You’re good. You’re fine. We’re going to clear you for work.”

You see this giant hole? And nobody is asking this question. Gonz tested positive for hepatitis C in 2010. In January they said he was fine and cleared for work. So did they give him medication? What happened?

He took a test that said he was positive for hepatitis C. Two weeks later he takes another test and is cleared to work. And of course Alex went “Awesome! I had hep C, guess I don’t have hep C now.”

What did the second test say Alex? Did the second test say you were positive again? What did the second test say? Did you take medicine?

You took a test that said you were positive. You took a second test and were cleared for work. What was told to you? The test said you were clear to work and you said cool. And that’s it? And you never asked any doctors until Lisa Ann outs you?

And then listen to this you guys

“The hepatitis C antibodies were never an issue again for Gonz until June of this year, when he tested at Cutting Edge Testing and that result indicated antibodies for hepatitis C. A separate test from CET cleared Gonz for all the other STDs and he used that one to continue working in scenes.”

A separate test? OK…

“The reason for two different test documents was that CET temporarily began testing for hepatitis in June before it added the test as part of the standard PASS-approved panel on Aug. 19.”

“In addition, Gonz said that he was cleared for work by the PASS database (formerly APHSS) as recently as July 31. But by the time the controversy surrounding him began on Aug. 11, the PASS database had him listed as “unavailable” for work. Gonz said he doesn’t know what day the change in his PASS status was made, or who made it, and he added that no one notified him of the change.”

Asshole! You had hep C. You shouldn’t have been working for the last three years you cocksucker!

Ready for this?

“Derek Hay, owner of LA Direct Models, told XBIZ Aug. 12 that he had no evidence whatsoever that would support Lisa Ann’s claim “and any information that we have at the agency shows him testing cleared for work.”

This is all for liability reasons. It has nothing to do with performer safety. This is to try to create a way to bury Bobbi and her daughter, to bury APHSS and AIM and to get Derek Hay off the hook.

And listen to this

“And through all of the last three to four months when what must be the time period that Lisa Ann alleges a positive test result, we have no record or information that he has not been cleared for work,” Hay said at the time.”

“On Aug. 14, Hay and Direct Models released an additional statement responding to Lisa Ann’s allegations.”

“Hay pointed out that Gonz booked most of his own work and that Direct Models booked only one shoot in July and one in August for him.”

“In September and October, Gonz said he took a series of blood tests and exams with his physicians, including an infectious disease specialist. In the past few days, Gonz was informed again that he does have trace levels of hepatitis C in his system. Because of the low viral load, Gonz’s doctors are not recommending treatment. In addition, he has been advised that any treatment would probably not be approved by his health insurance because it is not deemed necessary.”

“Gonz, who has another appointment with his infectious disease specialist on Friday, said he is still weighing whether to go through with treatment that would cost $50K, but that doctors have assured him would completely clear him of the hepatitis antibodies within a matter of months.”

“Gonz said Thursday he and Lisa Ann always had a mutual respect for each other—they had performed together before—until this situation.”

“The way she handled this, she handled it all wrong,” Gonz said. “She ruined my reputation of 10 years in the business in such a short time period. I don’t know what I even have to say to her at this point.”

So Alex Gonz. You’ve been performing with hepatitis C, but because Lisa Ann outed you, you’re upset. What balls you got man!

“Hay suggested Thursday that Lisa Ann may have known private information about Gonz’s hepatitis status prior to going public on Twitter, and that she harbors a “grudge” against LA Direct Models, where she once worked as an agent. That was a reason she suggested that the agency should have known better when it came to Gonz’s testing status and prevented him from working, Hay added.”

Don’t you guys see this? He’s just setting himself up to protect himself from lawsuits. It’s comical!

He sitting there with Alex Gonz concocting this story that took two months and says Lisa Ann harbors a grudge. That’s why she told everybody that Alex Gonz has a disease and doesn’t tell people. Grrrr… And for her to say I should’ve known. Shame on her! What the fuck are we listening to man?

And listen to this

“Obviously she knew because she put the story out there with such conviction,” Hay said. “But we weren’t privy to the information. We did not know about 2010. That was private between him and AIM. We did not know about the low-level trace amount of antibodies.”

Listen to what he’s saying. “We didn’t know about his low level trace amount of antibodies” And John Stagliano has low level trace amounts of HIV.

Derek Hay has his hands in every aspect of the business. But he’s sitting there going, “We didn’t know anything.” Everybody in porn’s upper echelon knew Gonz was swimming with hep C. But Derek didn’t know.

It’s weird to see Mike South, XBIZ and AVN all try to concoct a story. And I’m not sure who they’re trying to bury. Because they’re going to bury PASS, Christian Mann and Diane Duke.

I guess it’s all to protect Derek Hay from liability because he don’t want to lose his model house in Laurel Canyon or wherever it is. So they’re crafting all this verbage to get him out of liability.

So they’re paying Alex Gonz, they’re crafting this story and it’s the biggest bunch of bullshit in the world.

It goes on

“On Aug. 19, FSC’s PASS began adding screening tests for hepatitis B and C to its regular panels for performers. Plans to add these tests had been in the works for the past few months and were scheduled to go into effect on Sept. 1. However, at the request of several industry stakeholders, the new protocols were fast-tracked.”

So guys, once again XBIZ can’t even lie and say that this hepatitis C testing came out of the blue, it was on the books to happen for a while and everybody was talking about it. So Lisa Ann didn’t come up with asking for a hep C test out of the blue, it was something that was being talked about for a while.

“Gonz, who said he had been spending time with close friends and family while he’s been out of work, reiterated that he has “never lied on or tampered with any test result, nor have I ever concealed or deceived the industry with any test result that could negatively impact the thousands of talented performers I am proud to call my colleagues.”

Everyone talks about Mr. Marcus faking his test results, the implication being he took a marker and whiteout and changed the result. No, he left out information. Isn’t that the same thing Alex Gonz did?

“I have consistently been cleared to perform by all of the testing facilities I have ever been tested at, and never been given any reason to believe otherwise,” Gonz said.”

Now that’s false, because Alex said that he avoided taking the hep C test because he knew he would fail. So instead of going to the place that tested for hep C, he went to another place that didn’t test for hep C. So when he shows up on set with a paper, it doesn’t show that he’s positive for anything, because he left that off. Now isn’t that what Marcus did?

Mr Marcus was treated for syphilis, was not contagious and was cleared. He just left the part off where it said that he was exposed. Isn’t that the same thing Alex Gonz did? All Mr Marcus did is what Alex Gonz did. He omitted information.

Then he ends with

“What most people may not know is that I was always completely cleared to perform by the same testing facilities that I tested at for years.”

That’s because they weren’t testing for the disease you have, shithead

“I am not a doctor—I rely on the same testing facilities that thousands of performers in our community use to tell me whether I am OK to perform or not.  When a professional testing company for the adult industry specifically clears me and tells me I am OK to perform, I don’t have any reason not to believe them. I have never, ever been told I cannot perform on set for any reason, by anyone.” 

That is lawyer verbage. That is a guy who doesn’t want to go to jail like Mr Marcus. I am not a doctor. I trust the testing facility that tests thousands of performers and it’s run by the adult industry. And it’s a professional testing company.

And they clear me to work. And what am I to do except say, Yes, thank you.

And at no time have I ever been told I cannot work.

Here’s the thing Alex Gonz. You’ve known since 2010 you have known there was a problem and to investigate what that means and you say “I’m just a performer. I rely on the testing system. They told
me I could work.”

That last statement is going to be the nail in the coffin for the powers that be in this business.

Because Alex Gonz has said he put his trust in the industry approved testing facility and they cleared him to work.

So when we say we can police ourselves, Michael Weinstein takes all this information to Cal/OSHA and says, “Take a look at this. They cleared him for work. He has hepatitis C. He put his trust in the testing system that the adult industry set up.”

What do you think Cal/OSHA’s gonna say?

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