Breaking Down The Alex Gonz Bullshit : The Epilogue

Ladies and gentlemen, Friday night on Late Night with Rob Black we talked for three hours and twenty six minutes.

Do you know what we talked about?

We talked about Alex Gonz and hepatitis C, which in a nutshell is everybody’s favorite topic. Disease.

I think I told everybody earlier in the week, “Don’t worry, we’ll be back talking about disease soon enough.” And lo and behold, we are back talking about disease.

But this disease is a special disease, because it creates a map and a game plan for all of these warring factions. We spent three hours and twenty six minutes sifting through the bullshit from all three of the bullshit outlets. Mike South, XBIZ and AVN.

I’m not going to spend time going through all of it, I’ve covered it pretty well. But to catch everyone up to speed, here is what happened.

Alex Gonz was outed for having hepatitis C when Lisa Ann asked to see his hep C paperwork. He then vanished off the face of the earth for about two months and then he resurfaced with Derek Hay his agent and gave an exclusive interview with three of the leading “news” organizations of the adult business. XBIZ, AVN and everybody’s favorite banjo playing hillbilly Mike South.

So Alex Gonz read a statement and fielded questions from these three entities and they ran stories from the Alex Gonz interview. We spent three hours and twenty six minutes dissecting all the bullshit from these three news sources and how each one’s bullshit fed into the others bullshit and how the articles did nothing for the adult industry except illustrate even more why we can’t regulate ourselves.

Each news story covered the same topic and each story left out information. But the information each one left out, the other one put in and buried the people they were trying to help or they were trying to hurt.

You people are missing the bigger picture of this whole convoluted swamp of bullshit. Remember everybody, no one has heard from Christian Mann and Diane Duke who run Free Speech Coalition and the testing system for talent PASS, which stands for Performer Availability Screening Services.

Each of the versions of the story directly contradict the positions of Christian Mann, Diane Duke and PASS.

If you read the XBIZ version, it’s filled with very calculated lawyer language by Gonz and Derek Hay to deflect all the blame from themselves. It puts all the blame on Bobbi and Cutting Edge Testing and PASS.

Mike South’s story is obviously protecting Derek and setting Derek up as this complete babe in the woods who knew nothing of Gonz’ status even though he was romantically involved with one of his top talent and it was common knowledge throughout that whole porn inner circle. Yet some how Derek Hay, who, by his own admission, is in control of 75% of the top talent, was completely clueless as to what was going on.

The AVN is the most damaging to all parties, from PASS to Gonz himself. He actually said that after being diagnosed with hepatitis C in 2010 and being cleared to work, not by a doctor, but a phlebotomist, that he “blew off” a second diagnosis three years later in 2013 and continued to work. He continues to work with the test that show him to be clear of all other disease, but leaves home the paperwork that shows him to be hep C positive.

Alex, you stated that you weren’t a doctor and that you rely on the same testing facilities that thousands of performers in our community use to tell you whether are OK to perform or not. But the doctors told you that you had hep C and YOU BLEW THEM OFF!

The doctors gave you information that you had hepatitis C. You then blew them off and went to Labcorp which didn’t test for hep C. Why? The trained professionals told you that you had hep C. And you blew them off. He blows off the same people that he says he relies on to tell him if he’s OK to perform or not!

Let me ask you something. If flunked out of porn Rob Black can go through these statements and meticulously pick apart the bullshit, what do you think a lawyer’s gonna do? How do you think they’re gonna fare when they take a deposition from Alex Gonz, from Derek Hay, when they talk to all of the people involved? If stupid, ignorant flunked out of porn Rob Black can take three articles and point out all the inconsistencies, what the fuck do you think a real attorney is gonna do? What do you think Cal/OSHA’s gonna do?

PASS and Free Speech Coalition has had to fight Rob Black and now they have to fight LATATA. Guys. Monday is gonna be so much fun. They’ve had four days to come up with a response. Alex Gonz is saying “Hey! I relied on you guys. I’m not a doctor. You’re the professionals. You said I could work. I worked. Now everybody’s pissed off at me. You guys should be pissed off at PASS and Free Speech.

Now everyone one at PASS, Diane Duke, Dr. Maio. all them them, they HAVE TO come up with a response. AIDS Healthcare Foundation has to have a response, Cal/OSHA, lawyers and so on. This guy had a deadly disease that your testing facility let him work with and they helped cover up.

So Derek Hay said don’t blame me, don’t blame Alex, blame them, the trained professionals. Because Alex is not a doctor.

So Free Speech Coalition, PASS, Diane Duke and the lot of them need to come out with a statement right away. Because Alex Gonz is saying that he relied on the same testing protocols that every else in the adult industry relies on and it cleared him to work.

Alex Gonz is going to be subpoenaed. All of these people are going to be subpoenaed in a huge fucking lawsuit. I’m telling you right now that there are three girls that are going to be part of a lawsuit.

There are three girls that worked with Alex Gonz that are not part of the people that are protecting Free Speech Coalition and PASS. There are three girls right now that are so pissed off they can’t see straight.

You have a prominent male performer that has alleged that the testing system that everyone relies on has let him work for three years with an infectious disease.

PASS let Alex Gonz work with girls at Hustler without condoms. Right now there are civil litigators and criminal investigators that are going to be letting the world know that the adult industry knowingly let a performer work with a deadly infectious disease and covered it up.

So there will be lawsuits. And you would think that when you’ve already been hit with violations like Larry Flynt has from Cal/OSHA that would’ve taken action to prevent this from happening.

Larry Flynt gets busted once for no condoms. Now Larry Flynt is going to be involved in court proceedings because Alex Gonz, working for a Hustler production, is banging chicks bareback with hepatitis C.

What’s great about this is all the owners think they’re protected from liability because they hire independent producers and give them money to make a movie. But who owns the movie? Hustler does. But we paid Axel Braun to make the movie. So does he own it? No? Well then that makes you liable. Sorrry…

A lawyer at Elegant Angel even told us that technically we as producers own the movie because of the way it was set up and we could probably claim ownership in court and prevail. But we said who would do that? You would get blacklisted. Because if they claim ownership of the movie they are on the hook for all liability issues. Plain and simple. You can’t have it both ways.

So Hustler Video owns every single one of those productions. You can’t profit from a crime being committed because you physically didn’t commit it. And shooting without a condom is a now a crime in Los Angeles and they are aware of it because they have already been cited for that crime.

So I suggest that Drew Rosenfeld, Larry Flynt and everybody at Hustler retain a team of lawyers. I suggest you get ready to open your checkbooks. I suggest you get ready to go all condom.

Those are some of the legal issues that are coming. Now let me illustrate what really matters and that is the moral and common sense issues.

When we first instituted HIV testing that was the only testing that we had. All of these panels of testing that we have gradually instituted, all of them weren’t required in the beginning. Chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, all of these things have been instituted as time has gone on.

So let me ask you. If gonorrhea was not on the required list of testing, would it be acceptable if I went around doing scenes with gonorrhea?

Let me ask you this. Syphilis. We weren’t testing before the Mr. Marcus Syphilisgate. If I have syphilis and I’m working and I get caught, can I say it’s not my fault? We don’t test for syphilis? We test for HIV, we test for chlamydia and gonorrhea, we don’t test for syphilis. So I didn’t break protocol. I tested clean. I’m PASS approved.

Alex Gonz knowingly worked with hep C but because it wasn’t required at the time to be tested for it, he didn’t do anything wrong.

If when all they were requiring at the time was HIV testing and Rob Black ran around working with gonorrhea would that be cool? Would it be cool for Rob Black to work with syphilis when that test wasn’t required?

Our testing evolution never started out with all of these diseases. We gradually added them to the list. There is not a single motherfucker out there who would say it’s OK to work with somebody with a deadly disease and the excuse is that at the time, the test wasn’t required.

I mean, you do see why we need mandatory condoms? Any lawyer, any health professional is not going to say that it’s alright to work with somebody with a deadly disease as long as there are not tested for it.

Working with someone with a deadly disease is criminal, but because somebody didn’t write down on a piece of paper that you can’t work with somebody with hep C, it’s not a problem? Seriously.

Where in Alex Gonz’ mind does he think that it’s OK to fuck people with hepatitis C? And now he says he can’t fuck people because of the testing protocols of the business.

It’s like they’re trying to equate it with baseball and steroid testing. The substance is not on the banned list. Hepatitis C is not on the banned list of diseases.

Right now Alex Gonz says doesn’t want to work until his paperwork says he is completely negative. But why does he have that change of heart now? Because he was caught?

But he was fine with the fact that he did it for the last three years. Apparently the doctors told him that what he’s been doing hasn’t been right. It hasn’t been safe. He’s put people at risk.

Because if that weren’t the case wouldn’t he be fighting tooth and nail to continue working? If he wants to clear his name so badly why isn’t he presenting evidence that he’s not contagious, hasn’t been contagious for three years, so why can’t he work?

Can you see that none of this makes any sense at all?

Alex Gonz says since 2010 that he’s had hep C. Actually he says in the AVN article that he’s had it since birth. If Alex Gonz hasn’t been infectious and doctors and specialists have told him he’s not contagious now, Alex Gonz should be working right now. Alex Gonz should have a doctor note just like all the talent that were exposed by Mr. Marcus and treated for syphilis and showed them clear to work.

There are talent out there who were exposed and treated for syphilis right now who have doctors notes that explain that while they are exposed to syphilis and it shows up on their test, and they have in fact been treated and cured and are able to work.

But Alex doesn’t have a doctor note.

All he has is hepatitis C.

If Alex Gonz is so responsible and doesn’t use needles or do anything risky, and the hepatitis C that he has is not capable of infecting anybody, why isn’t he working?

The holes in this story are the size of James Bartholet’s ass.

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