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Bungee Jumping through the HIV Crisis

Las Vegas- Arrow Productions, is one of those lucky production houses that doesn’t have to shoot movies and, thus, can wade out the current HIV moratorium with a smile on its face. According to owner Ray Pistol, with a vast catalogue of classics at its disposal, the company is able to spin off DVD titles with cost-effective monotony. Arrow’s latest release May 12 makes particularly big news because that’s the long-awaited date for Bill Osco’s Alice in Wonderland which is currently seeing a revival in New York on the stage.

And it may be coming to Las Vegas, said Pistol who got a call from Osco this week who’s negotiating for a venue in Sin City. There may be some big names backing this one, we’re told. Of notable interest is the fact that the film has been given a clean scrub. “It looks like something that would come out of Buena Vista as opposed to the old smudgy copy that’s been around for years,” says Pistol. “We went back and digitized it, cleaned it and scrubbed it and did everything we could to it.”

For the time being, not having to worry about productions is a very nice place to be, Pistol admits. “I don’t have to worry about giving anyone HIV. I’m real pleased. We’ll go back to shooting but at this point the logical thing is to go with getting our DVDs out.”

It’s not out of the question that Pistol might take a year’s moratorium and more just to catch up on his DVD releases.

“If something comes along and I say this movie must be made, then we’ll do it, but it’s a full time job making DVDs as fast as we can.” Pistol also mentions negotiations that may acquire for him another 4 video stores added to the other 8 that he has either ownerships or affiliations with.

On a lighter note, Pistol sprung recently for a Euro Bungee, which he heard about on the Internet, and put it in the parking light of Talk of the Town, Pistol’s strip club.

An acknowledged daredevil in his own right, Pistol was the first one on it. He explains that it’s a 32-foot trailer equipped with trampolines and 3 masts, 30 feet high which give it the appearance of a schooner. It operates like a bungee in reverse having you come off the trampoline. “The front and back masts drop down about 15 degrees and you suspend the rider on bungees in between the center mast and one of the end masts. Everyone’s still learning but we’ve got girls who are going 15 to 17 feet off the trampoline at this point. Now we have flying strippers. While it’s not open to the public, it remains an exercise device – and a good one – for the girls. These are great fun, and it’s been occupying my time for the last week or so.

“Being the first one on it, there was nobody who knew what the hell to do,” Pistol continues. “Being the boss you kind of have to lead. So I went in there and held a stripper conference-okay- you guys have all seen the thing out there. I explained it to them and said, I need a volunteer. It was like one of those proverbial everyone else took one step back except one girl who didn’t get the word. I kind of grabbed her. She’s one of those quiet girls who doesn’t say too much but I was looking at saucers behind her glasses.

“The beauty of this thing,” Pistol says, “is if they start going wrong- like if they’re starting to fall off the trampoline- with this wire that we have on them and a pulley high above them, we just give a jerk and they just hang in the air like a rag doll. They really can’t fall.” Pistol said one of the girls noted a tingly feeling from the contraption, like having an orgasm. Asked if he got an erection by using it, Pistol said no.

“The first time that I adjusted it, one nut wasn’t happy with the adjustment,” Pistol says. “But at least now we have high flying strippers and we can stop the traffic on Las Vegas Blvd.”


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