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Carina Taylor on Sports Swami

Porn Valley — Since the last time we spoke to her which was on the set of EvolutionErotica’s Teen Meat 3, Carina has acquired a last name, Taylor. Carina was on the Sports Swami show Friday, and the conversation went something like this:

Being that Taylor’s from Arkansas, Swami promised no redneck, inbred or hillbilly jokes. Swami also got the impression that Gauge was somehow Taylor’s spiritual mentor. “Not really,” said Taylor not knowing what else to say to a notion as outlandish as that. Swami also noted that Taylor’s popularity began to surge after her interview first appeared. Taylor, who’s signed with L.A. Direct Models, said she hadn’t expected that to happen but that she’s really excited to be in the business and that things are happening for her.

Asked why it was the company of her choice, Taylor was of the belief that Direct Models has the best reputation “as far as their standards,” couldn’t ask to be with a better company and was thrilled to be associated with both Ben English and Hannah Harper. “They’re fantastic; I love them both to death.” Swami asked Taylor what one does for kicks in Arkansas. “Not much of anything, really; not a damn thing. It’s pretty boring. That’s why I’m out here in California,” she laughed. Because she’s from Arkansas, Taylor said she’s been the butt of a lot of jokes but she has fun with it. “I’m not embarrassed by it.”

While Taylor never met Bill Clinton, she says she went to school with Chelsea. “We were in a group called ‘Walking Together’ and we would have school dances and stuff.” Taylor says her great grandmother also campaigned for Clinton when he was running for governor. “She knew his mother Virginia pretty well. And they would go see the horse races in Hot Springs together.”

Taylor said she’s always wanted to come out to Los Angeles from the time she was a little girl. “My first reaction was like jumping up and down. I went to Bloomingdales and we don’t have one in Arkansas. So I’m calling home jumping up and down, ‘I’m in Bloomingdales!’ I took a picture of the Hollywood sign on the mountains and calling people. I made a big geek out of myself when I first got here. But I love it.”

Taylor feels that the AEE expo will give her more exposure by meeting people. “It’s a very big deal and I’m very excited about it.” Taylor said she’ll be signing for Platinum X and Michael Steffano, an opportunity that she jumped at in a second. Taylor said she just finished her second feature with Simon Wolf which will be out on January 27th. She also has a feature with Hustler called Campus Confessions. “I have a lot of stuff going on.”

Swami also tried to make the romantic connection between Carina and Little Rock, Arkansas product, former U.S. Olympic medalist and number one contender for the middleweight title, Jermain Taylor. As crazy as the shot in the dark was, Taylor said she once served as a ring girl for one of his fights. “He did an HBO pay-per-view thing in Arkansas and that was basically it. I was a little bikini-clad ring girl for him.” Asked about her preparations for a scene, Taylor answered simply, “Baby Wipes.”

Taylor said her family is well aware of what she’s doing. “As a matter of fact I didn’t go home for Thanksgiving or my mom’s birthday which is on Halloween,” she added. “So my mom called me on her birthday and she’s like I rented your Barely Legal. I’m like, oh my God. Really?”

Other than the Gauge jokes, Taylor was asked what Arkansas is all about. She said it was very conservative, very quirky and weird. “The people are very behind in everything,” she said. “They’re very close-minded people in that state. I was very miserable there. I hate to put a bad name out there for the state of Arkansas because I’m sure there are a lot of nice people there but I’ve just never met them. It’s totally different than California, obviously.”

Taylor said her plans were to take herself to the top. “I came out here to be a porn star. I came out to do everything that I’m doing right now. I’m just happy to be here and, hopefully, I will have a nice career in the industry. I’m just looking to continue working steadily and giving the best scene I can possibly give. The fans are definitely what’s important and I want to keep my fans pleased and just keep going.”

Asked if she had her druthers among companies if a contract were in order, Taylor said a few that would include Platinum X, Simon Wolf and Kick Ass.


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